Top 2020 landscaping ideas for commercial properties


Having successful commercial landscaping depends on a few different factors. You have to take several aspects into consideration if you want to achieve an attractive and well maintained commercial landscape. The process also includes asking professional design services for help and advice. However, many of these things you can do on your own. What you

The five most common types of gardens in St. Louis

St. Louis gardens

A century ago, rich people often took pride in the beautiful gardens they had at their home. They would invite their friends over to show off a new plant or shrub they had acquired. Today, we don’t have to be rich to own a garden because designing and growing one does not require much cost,

Ideas for children’s play areas

children's play area

Every parent wants to find creative ways to encourage their child to express their imagination, make up new games, learn new skills… and move away from digital TV screens! The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to make some fantastic children’s play areas with just a few basic materials and some inspiration. Here are

5 ideas for biodegradable garden decorations

garden decorations

It’s important that all of us be conscientious about protecting the environment – both on a large scale and on the smaller scale of our local community and home. So while voting for a green-leaning politician will do some help, it won’t do much for your local area in the short term. There are choices

Top 20 creative design ideas for small bathrooms


Designing a bathroom is full of concepts. The interiors of the bathroom depend on the personal given by the taste and choice of the individual. The bathroom décor for men will be different from that of a women’s bathroom; while that for little children will be funky and loving. The color combination in a bathroom