Top 20 creative design ideas for small bathrooms


Designing a bathroom is full of concepts. The interiors of the bathroom depend on the personal given by the taste and choice of the individual. The bathroom décor for men will be different from that of a women’s bathroom; while that for little children will be funky and loving.

The color combination in a bathroom plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the decor. Bathrooms with neutral walls can be highlighted using ornate fixtures in gold, silver, brass or copper finish. If your bathroom walls are decorated in darker hues style them up with lighter or white accents for a beauteous looks. Wooden furniture or surfaces make a warm environment in the bathroom.Soothing color tones rejuvenate you making you fresh and lively ones again.

Lightings can give a bathroom a warm and cozy feeling. Enchanting chandeliers or even a set of scented candles can fill the room with romance. Let the bathroom accessories reflect your mood when the whole set up of the bath cannot be changed frequently. Come on, let go through some creative design tips for your small bathroom.

Two Toned Bathroom With Wooden Furniture

The porcelain bathroom in dual tone color scheme looks brilliant. Add a charming effect to the décor with the natural wooden vanity and cabinets.

Attic Bathroom With Focused Ceiling

Bathrooms in small space have an advantage of being decorated to focus each detail. The roof is smartly painted in white black to attract attention.

Mystique Purple Hued Bathroom

Play with purple and textures in the stylish modern bathroom area. The plain and floral tiles in the bathroom lends adds aesthetic beauty.

Master Bath With All Wood Appeal

The chic brown master bath has all wooden furnishings for a luxurious bathroom décor. The picturesque view from the bath is enchanting.

Vintage Styled Large Bathroom

The barn ceiling, the chandelier and the most suitable acrylic bathtubs, all create a well-balanced look for the vintage themed bathroom.

Rustic Barn Bathroom With A Fireplace

Lend a warm atmosphere to the bathroom by installing a pretty fire place amongst the barn exposed surfaces.

Water From The Wall – Bath With A Oomph

The creative waterfall faucet installed in the bathroom wall extends a peeing like effect for that wacky appeal.

Landscape Bathroom Ideas

Bring the outside in. The bathroom is decorated with natural elements or accents that lend a natural touch to the landscape style backyard bathroom.

Amazing Hi-Tech Bathroom Design

The rejuvenating experience of a bubble bath can be clubbed with the thrilling and entertaining gadgets installed in the bathroom.

Soft Bathroom Design

Create a cool and relaxed environment inside the bath with the silent blue color scheme. White accents and flooring make the bath serene.

Delightful Bathrooms With Modern Touch

The seamless bathroom design makes an appealing and ever wanting image for the guests. Create a mind blowing appeal using stunning pendant lamps.

Bright Pink Bathroom For Crazy Look

Go crazy with the rocking pink color of the bathroom. The large bathroom looks cozy and compact with the white cutoff accent.

Romantic Red Bathroom Paint

Painting the bathroom in red always symbolizes love and romance. Make your bath a special one with this romantic bathroom design.

Exuberant White Bath With Beautiful Wall Art

The large bathroom is designed to be white and pure. The beautiful wall painting attracts every eye that enters the bathroom.

Simple Bathroom Tiling

Tiling the bathroom aids in stylish bathroom remodels. You may just add a stylish trim to the walls half way through or cover the countertop in marble clad tiles.

Colorful Kid’s Bathroom

Kids will adore this colorful bathroom décor. The duck wallpaper gives a cute essence to the room.

Poppy Pink Bathroom For You

Another bathroom décor with the bright pink hue is marvelous. The frameless mirror adds style to the décor.

Vintage Inspired Bathroom

The claw-footed bathtub defines a vintage theme. The antique mirror frame complements the decor.

Marble Clad Bathroom Remodel

When budget is no bar define your bath in stylish colored marble.

Metal Tubs In Pretty Bathroom

The bathroom looks elegant with the stylish silver tub and lovely hanging lamps.

The proper amalgamation of color, texture, style and accents create a wonderful looking bathroom.

Bathrooms can be differently decorated depending upon the availability of space and budget. Modern bathrooms lend a streamlined look to the bathroom area. Add some drama to it with pops of colors or artistic accents.


Kate Riley is a founder of StephenKale blog; it’s a blog about Bathroom designs & accessories tips, guide, product reviews, equipments and events.