Full Home Interior Design Tips by Algedra

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How to add value to your property with a new bathroom

New bathroom

Investing money in our homes is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy return if invested correctly. Decorating your property to the style you love will turn your house into a home, but will it add value to your investment? One area that you can definitely add value to your property is in

5 easy ways to green your bathroom

Eco bathroom

Making your bathroom eco friendly and green is one of the best things you can do for the environment, and yourself. There are many easy, affordable, and doable actions you can take to reduce your utility bills and make your bathroom green. Below are a few of our favourite tips and tricks to green your

7 things to consider before a DIY bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation

Before you can begin thinking about how you want your bathroom to look like after a DIY renovation, there are some considerations to bear in mind. After all, one of the worst things that can happen is that after all that planning, you realise you’ve overlooked a very important detail. You wouldn’t want all of

Keeping your bathroom tidy: Tips for designing an efficient bathroom


Every morning, you’re faced with the challenging task of waking up and preparing for your day. An efficient bathroom allows you to keep an organised and focused mindset to meet what you have to deal with at work. Here is some critical advice for keeping your bathroom tidy and efficient at the same time. Clear

In dilemma with the height of your bathroom splashbacks?


If you are planning to renovate the walls of your bathroom, you need to focus on many aspects related to that. Take time out but make sure you have a selection of colour choices and specific materials for bathroom wall panels. The bathroom is a space in the house, which drains with plenty of water

Tired of your old, boring bathroom floors? Try these fun ideas

bathroom floor

Flooring ideas and trends are the super cool way to get inspiration for your home, which simply transforms the overall shape in an elegant way. Especially when it comes to renovating your bathroom floor, it’s important to follow some latest trends that look inviting and useful as well. So, if you are planning to renovate

Why and when you need a bathroom exhaust fan


An exhaust fan is a mechanical device that helps to draw out excess moisture, humidity and odor from indoor to outdoor. To maintain a hygienic environment inside your bathroom you must need to install an exhaust fan. In fact, in many areas installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom has been made obligatory by introducing