The five most common types of gardens in St. Louis

St. Louis gardens

A century ago, rich people often took pride in the beautiful gardens they had at their home. They would invite their friends over to show off a new plant or shrub they had acquired. Today, we don’t have to be rich to own a garden because designing and growing one does not require much cost, and some types don’t even require much time or effort. As one lawn service St. Louis company describes it, there are so many options to choose from, we should create and build a garden that best suits our own taste and personality. With the many kinds of gardens that we can build, our imagination is our only limit as long as we have the time, the resources, and of course the right weather. Below is a list of some of the more popular gardens that are seen in the St. Louis, Mo area.

Flower Gardens

This is probably the most popular kind of garden that we see around. The flowers may vary, but the style and the theme will always be the same. This garden is not only popular in St. Louis, but in other parts of the country as well. The basic foundation for this type of garden is trees and shrubs that are responsible for bearing different types of flowers. You need to have a creative mind so you can try and imagine what all of the flowers will look like together. Choose the flowering plants you would like to have as well as plan the formation of the shrubs.

Woodland Gardens

This kind of garden can give you a feeling that you are in a different place every time you step into it. Many of the plants in this type of garden prevent sunlight from coming in, and it can give you the feeling of being in the real wilderness. Many of these types of gardens have small paths running through them that are curved and made from stone. It is also common to make many of the grasses and trees the focal point of the garden.

Rock gardens

A rock garden is a garden that is filled with many different styles and types of rocks with plants that are planted between them.  Most of the plants in a rock garden are smaller in nature and never grow very tall. Rock gardens have become more and more popular lately for both residential properties as well as commercial.

Water Gardens

This kind of garden features pools of water such as ponds that give a more relaxed feeling to the setting. While the garden generally consists of aquatic type plants, it is not uncommon to find fish within the pond.  Water gardens can be tricky to plan out because many of the plants and species require certain water depths to survive and thrive.

Herb Gardens

This type of garden is very popular among people who love to cook. You could grow parsley, thyme, sage, or even mint if you want to have freshly picked herbs for your everyday cooking. Most herbs can be planted in regular garden soil and will grow just fine.  If you are planning on having an herb garden, make sure that the herbs get at least 6 hours of direct sun each day.

So which garden do you think best suits you? Take your time to decide which kind of scenery you would like to see every morning and what you and your family enjoy most.  Having a garden should not be stressful, in fact, it should be just the opposite- relaxing.