What to do when you experience insufficient cooling – Tips from an air conditioning expert

AC unit

The worst thing that can happen with an air conditioning system is when it starts malfunctioning, blows warm or hot air inside the home when you desperately need cool interiors. It can be highly frustrating in peak summers when you are denied the comforts of sitting in a room that offers the coolest experience. Ruling out such situations is not always possible, and you must be prepared to handle it efficiently.

Air conditioning systems undergo a lot of wear and tear, and ageing could be a reason for its malfunctioning.  The thermostat is a critical piece of device in the air conditioning system that controls the temperature and maintains it at the desired level. Therefore, when the system delivers warm or hot air, there is enough reason to doubt that the thermostat is to blame.  But when efforts to adjust the thermostat do not yield a result, you must look into some other areas to detect the reason for failure.

Thermostat setting

The extent of cold air that the air conditioner pumps into the indoor depend on the set temperature controlled by the thermostat. When you feel that the air is not cold enough the first thing that you should do is to check the thermostat setting, which if not right will not cool the air enough. If the thermostat is in ‘on’ position, it will result in warm air and to set it right you must keep it in ‘auto’ setting. Do not change the setting until the time you feel that you do not need cold air any more.

Clogged air filter

The cold air that the system delivers pass through air filters before making its way through the vents. If the air filter is too much dirty, it clogs and prevents the delivery of cold air. Check the filter inside the air conditioner by taking it out and seeing it against the light. If no light passes through the filter, it means that the filter is wholly choked and needs replacement. If you are unable to do the exercise, call for any professional air condition service provider by logging on to their website. Installing a HEPA filter that is capable of arresting very fine dust particles ensures a purer air quality. If you use the reusable filter, you can use it multiple times by cleaning it with a soft brush.

Dirty outside unit

The condenser or the external unit of the air conditioning system does all the heavy lifting pertaining to air circulation by continually extracting heat from the home interior. When the outside unit is too dirty, it restricts the flow of cool air inside the home. Keep the outside unit clean so that there is no dirt and debris accumulation.

Insufficient refrigerant level

Poor cooling can happen when the refrigerant in the system falls below the optimal level. It results in warm air reaching the home interiors as the system is incapable of reaching the desired temperature necessary for cooling. A licensed air conditioning mechanic can refill the refrigerant in the system and solve the problem.