Why it’s worth making a Zen oasis in your home

zen garden

There are many types of Japanese gardens – from the austere rock Zen gardens to the natural and private tea gardens, to the more palatial strolling gardens of Edo and earlier periods. No matter the period and school of thought, all Japanese gardens have something in common: they were designed for rest, peace and thoughtfulness.

How to create your own Japanese garden

Japanese garden

Japanese gardens are designed to provide a space of relaxation and meditation, and creating your own is an authentic route to an idyllic outdoor space. If you’re planning to create your own Japanese garden, this guide includes a summary of the different types you can take inspiration from, a few ‘how to’ steps on actually

Three of the world’s most famous gardens

famous gardens

Your neglected, woefully misshapen garden makes you frown every time you care to look out the window. You are in dire need of some motivation to revolutionise your garden. Fortunately for you, we have collated a list of some of the most prestigious and well-known gardens around the world, all of which are UNESCO World

Garden of the week – ACROS, Japan

ACROS Fukuoka

Asian Crossroads Over the Sea (ACROS) was designed to give the city of Fukuoka a much-needed new government building, without destroying one the city’s last remaining green spaces. The result is one of the world’s largest and most impressive green roofs.