A guide to maintaining shed roofs

shed roof

Good quality and well-cared for sheds are usually robust, which means you won’t need to replace on a frequent basis. Smaller issues like a torn felt-roof is easy to repair, yet larger issues which include large warped wood areas or unstable bases might mean you need to invest in a new one. Here is a

Pros and cons of a new or overlay roof


The roof is one of the most important parts of the house as it provides protection against rain, snow and other debris. A good roof can help the house stay in good shape for many years. It will keep the family safe and secured especially if proper maintenance work is undertaken regularly. By setting a

4 beautiful, garden-friendly roof designs

rooftop garden

Rooftop gardens or green roofs are getting increasingly popular, which is great because they help the environment in so many ways. So should you build yourself a green roof? Like any plant-related hobby, it’ll need some work. You’ll have to consult with professional roofers and have them evaluate your roof’s structural integrity. You’ll also need

The essential roofing material checklist

roofing materials

Having your roof replaced is the kind of job that should only be done by professionals. After all, the entire process requires skill, knowledge and more importantly, the right materials and tools. And any little mistake may lead to big issues afterward. If you insist on getting your roof replaced, you need to get the

How to maintain your gutters during freezing temperatures


Winter causes damages to roads, cars, and even your home. One of the most vulnerable components would be your eavestroughs. Though gutter maintenance is usually done in the spring and fall, maintaining them in winter is also wise. Doing so increases the life of your gutters and ensures that any water from melting snow is

Transform your outdoor living space with a retractable roofing system

retractable roof

We Australians love our summers and the garden is an integral part of the home, as it provides a tranquil area for rest and relaxation. Of course, shading is absolutely essential and should be in keeping with the overall concept, which is where retractable roofing comes in. Customised solutions ensure that every space can be

Key tips on choosing the right roof color for your renovation


The roof of your home is a crucial element of the overall appearance of your house. You may never give attention to it as much as you give other parts of the house, but when something happens to it, you’d easily notice it. This is why it’s essential for you to know how to choose

How to waterproof your roof


Waterproofing a roof is absolutely essential. Before you can do that, however, you need to know how best to work with whatever type of material your roof is made from. For instance, concrete roofs may not require waterproofing since they already do a great job of repelling water. The only exception is if the concrete