7 Tips To Protect Your Backyard Trees In Summers

It’s a good idea to plant trees in your garden. It helps to circulate fresh air and offers your surroundings a serene appearance. However, taking care of trees in hot weather is difficult. Fortunately, we have some suggestions to help you guarantee that your trees receive the care and attention they require to survive and

Engaging the services of tree removal experts

Tree removal

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem and have been so all through our existence as humans. At the very least, they give out oxygen and in return absorb carbon dioxide from the environment. Since the dawn of time, they have played an important role in civilization. With them we built or were able

Reasons why you need to remove that tree stump now

tree stump

Although some people may use a tree stump for decorative purposes or as a place to sit objects in their garden, a leftover tree stump in a yard is unsightly for most homeowners. Those who don’t enjoy the tree stump in their yard may consider them too large to move and will leave them until

Tree pruning: Your ultimate guide for keeping your trees healthy

tree pruning

In order to keep the trees healthy, it is important to perform tree pruning. If you do not attend a tree for several years it can become unhealthy in several ways. For example, natural stubs can result to rot and insects. Suckers can suck the nutrition and energy from your tree. Even the dead branches

Five reasons to plant trees in your garden

A garden with trees in it is a thing of beauty. Far too often though people tend not to plant trees in their gardens as the reward is not immediate enough. Shrubs and flower bearing plants reach maturity quickly and the benefits of the hard toil in the garden can be seen almost immediately. Conversely

Trees close to the house – should you worry?

Trees close to house

An Englishman’s home is his castle, and that goes for the garden as well as the house. If you’re lucky enough to have one or several native British trees in your garden, you will be rewarded with more than their majestic natural beauty. Trees provide much needed shelter and food for wildlife too. But while

Cutting down a tree the DIY way (Part 3)

Cutting down a tree

See also: Cutting down a tree the DIY way (Part 1) Cutting down a tree the DIY way (Part 2) Welcome to part 3 of the series Cutting a Tree Down the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Way. Before you read this part of the series, be acquainted with Cutting a Tree Down the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Way (Part

Cutting down a tree the DIY way (Part 2)

Cutting down a tree part 2

See also: Cutting down a tree the DIY way (Part 1) Making the Proper Notch to Cut a Tree Down Would it be nice if you were able to cut a tree down in the direction you intend without risking it to falling any other direction? It is! With this portion of the guide, you

Cutting down a tree the DIY way

cutting down a tree

Cutting down a tree is not a trivial matter. It is actually very serious and may lead to bodily harm if it is done incorrectly, especially if you have never used a chainsaw before. We highly recommend you take this job seriously, because the last thing any person wishes to deal with is a person

How to prune your trees the right way

tree services

Who doesn’t enjoy keeping their property clean and green, right? A healthy tree in your property can result in contributing more than just a source of shed or oxygen. A well pruned tree can make a lot of difference both in terms of its health and physical appearance as well. Contrary to popular beliefs, pruning