Five reasons to plant trees in your garden

A garden with trees in it is a thing of beauty. Far too often though people tend not to plant trees in their gardens as the reward is not immediate enough. Shrubs and flower bearing plants reach maturity quickly and the benefits of the hard toil in the garden can be seen almost immediately. Conversely trees take long time to grow tall and for their true majesty to be seen. But that doesn’t mean that they should not be the central part to your garden plan. If you are looking to create your own garden, here are a few reasons why you should be planting trees.

Have no fear

So often people are wary of planting trees because they think that the roots will cause damage to building foundations or that the branches will harm the roof. While this can happen, it is a situation that can be easily managed with a degree of forethought and through talking to the right people. If you start by not planting the tree too close to the buildings, then you are already winning. But as the tree gets bigger it might encroach on your dwelling structures, at that point consult a tree surgeon Perth has several tree experts you could call – as does Sydney, Hobart or Brisbane. A tree surgeon is somebody who will tend to the tree in expert fashion, shaping it, cutting it back in a constructive manner and helping the tree co-exist with its neighbouring humans in a constructive manner.

It makes for an ecosystem

Trees do so much to facilitate a strong ecosystem. We don’t need to go into the details of how good they are for the planet in terms of the oxygen they release, what we are talking about here is how good they are for the ecosystem of your garden. Trees provide shelter and they drop leaves. Dropped leaves turn into mulch which acts as compost for the flora below. They also provide shade which keeps the soil moist and fertile.

They are beautiful

Trees are beautiful. They should be the centre of any garden design, the focal point around which everything else is built. It does take a visionary to imagine what a garden will look like in the future – after ten or twenty years when the tree is fully formed, but it is worth the wait. Trees bring gravitas and can add considerable value to your property as well.


Trees afford so many recreational opportunities – especially if you have young children. It is their boughs to which swings are attached. It is in their limbs where tree-houses are built. And it is in their shade where picnics are held. They can be the home for birdfeeders and the place where youngsters can spend hours climbing, always striving to go higher and see more. In short, trees are a place where youngsters can spend hours playing in the healthiest ways.


A garden with a tree will almost certainly be the home to birds. There is nothing quite as special as waking up to the sound of cheeping birds, and if you have a tree in your garden it will attract them. Similarly, trees will attract other animals like squirrels, reptiles or even amphibians like frogs and toads.