Telltale signs you need a new garage door

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Garage doors provide much more than just an entrance to your garage. They offer a surprising level of utility, as they provide enhanced curb appeal and an added layer of security which protects your home. However, this can only be the case if your garage doors are well looked after and maintained regularly.

When you step back and take some time to think about your garage door, it’s usually because it isn’t working efficiently, is in constant need of repair or just simply doesn’t look as good as it did, it could be time to upgrade.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most common problems which could spell the end of your garage door solution.


Often more noise than there should be emanating from your garage door as you open and close it could mean that certain parts of the mechanism are loose or in need of replacement or repair.

Ignore these noises at your peril, since they could become more than a mere inconvenience if you fail to have these parts appropriately checked. A garage door working at its peak condition should operate smoothly with next to no noise. If one day your door suddenly begins to squeak and creak, it’s a definite sign that something isn’t right.

A common contributing factor is the garage door falling off the track and will need to be repaired or replaced. Alternatively, if you have an automatic door, replacing the motor could alleviate noise, but an older door with a pulley system will probably need to be replaced, as it’s probably more cost-effective in the long-term.


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Warping can be a significant issue, particularly with wooden garage doors. Just like any other wood product, a wooden garage door requires maintenance, otherwise it can begin to warp and sag from decomposition, rot and deterioration.

Even if your door isn’t wooden, signs of warping can be attributed to rust and general degradation which comes from exposure to the elements.

If you’ve noticed this occurring with your garage door, it’s essential you replace them as soon as you can.

Security & Safety Considerations

Alongside practicality, safety and security are top of the list of reasons that people opt for a garage door in the first place.

Garage doors have been known to cause serious injury and sometimes even fatalities if they shut unexpectedly. If your door doesn’t close as it should, or the automatic reverse mechanism isn’t activating as it should, then it could be incredibly dangerous. Not only does it present a substantial danger to your loved ones, but it could also leave your home exposed to anyone intent on breaking in.


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The odd garage door breakdown is nothing to be alarmed about, professionals are accustomed to such occurrences, and most fixes are pretty routine for them.

However, if you begin to notice that you’re spending more time and money getting the door repaired, whether it be through accidental (or deliberate) damage, age or everyday wear and tear, it’s time to start thinking about replacing your current door.

If you do decide to stick with your bothersome door, then sooner or later the costs of repairs will outweigh the price of a new door.

Slow Response

If you own an automatic garage door and you notice it takes longer than usual for the door to respond to your remote commands, it could be time to bite the bullet.

Usually, it should only take a few seconds for your door to begin to open after you’ve pressed the button. If you notice the process is slow and jarring, there’s a good chance there’s a problem with either the mechanism or the opener itself.

Drafts & Leaks

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Drafts and leaks can sometimes be bodged using weatherstripping, but older garage doors letting in wind and water frequently points to a severe problem with the structural makeup of the door, which develops from usage over many years.

Replacing the door is usually the best option, mainly if you use your garage for something other than storage or to park your vehicle.

Aged Design

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A classic coach style or vintage garage door looks fantastic, but only when it matches the exterior of the rest of your home.

If the elements over the years have given your door a bit of a beating and now it just looks worn rather than classic, it’s time to replace it.

Doors aren’t designed to last forever, just like anything they will lose that lustre eventually and sticking with that outdated beaten up door, isn’t necessarily reflective of the home you’ve made behind it, this is especially important if you’re converting your garage into a kitchen extension or creating a living space.

A beautiful, new garage door can add enormous curb appeal to your home, which may add value to your home if you ever did choose to sell.

If you do happen to notice any of the above, ignoring is only likely exacerbate the issues. If in doubt, call a professional to inspect every nut and bolt. From here you can decide whether it’s worth shelling out for repairs or a brand-new door entirely.