Excavator extravaganza! What can an excavator do for you?


Excavators are the power machines you need for any heavy duty expedition, especially if you’re an archaeologist and you need to dig some pretty deep holes to get to that sarcophagus.

But, of course we’re not all archaeologists. You’ll be surprised at how an excavator could be the piece of equipment you need this year. We’ll discuss a few applications.

Manual digging and removal of rubble can cost far too much cash as you’re going to need more than one person to move that pile of lumber in the corner of your dig site or construction project. More employees equal less profit for you. So how do you move large piles of unwanted material? By buying yourself a quality excavator, that’s how!

If you want the best that money can buy, you can check out Kubota excavators for sale. You can start ticking off those dig sites you always wanted to visit or maybe you have some building projects you need to complete. Whatever the task, an excavator is durable enough to do the heavy duty work.

What Can I do with My New Excavator

You saw the excavator for sale sign, you made the purchase and now you’re wondering what on earth you’ve just spent your money on. Let’s elaborate.

An excavator is a valuable, versatile piece of machinery capable of doing multiple jobs in the fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. This piece of machinery might be expensive but it’s actually an investment.

There are a lot of amazing things excavators can do not only for work but for fun as well. Keep reading to find out.

Excavator Jenga

Have you ever played a game of Jenga? If you have then you will know that it takes skill to play. The game consists of 54 small wooden blocks stacked into a mini tower. Players remove one block at a time placing it on top of the structure to make it more unstable. If one player removes a block and the tower crashes down, that player loses.

So what if we told you that excavator Jenga actually exists? You would think we were crazy right? It’s entirely true. There are people that use excavators to play giant Jenga. This just goes to show how precise you can work with excavators when building structures.

Excavator Dancing

I know what you might be thinking. Machine dancing, really? It might sound completely farfetched but it’s a thing. There are skilled drivers who participate in choreographed excavator dancing.

The excavator drivers do these shows at festivals or markets. This shows how skilled excavator drivers can be, and even though they’re putting on a show, those are the movements they can use in emergency situations, keeping others safe.

What Fun Skills They Have

Although excavators are meant for building and construction work these amazing machines can do the most bazaar tasks. Take a look at some of the weird and wonderful things excavators can do.

  • Calligraphy
  • Open bottle caps
  • Pouring liquid into a glass
  • Cutting of food

Now of course none of these tasks would be possible without a skilled driver. Usually, items are tied to the hand of the excavator machine and the driver uses the machine’s arm to do the tasks at hand.

See how much fun it can be to own one of these?

Rescue Missions

Although it’s fun to mess around with machinery especially when you’ve figured out all the cool stuff they can do, this equipment is also necessary for emergency purposes. Instances where civilians are trapped under rubble during an earthquake, or if an animal is stuck in a ditch, the excavator is capable of lifting them out of the area or helping to dig a hole that assists with the rescue mission.

Excavators are meant to complete work in a short amount of time, and as time is of the essence when things go wrong, they’re huge assets to emergency crews.

Serious Excavator Projects

When all the fun and games have ended and it’s time to get serious, excavators can really make life a lot easier for business. You can use the excavator for so many projects. Let’s give you a breakdown of what these brilliant machines can achieve in just a few hours.


Excavators are capable of breaking down solid matter. The strength of the arm and the claw can break down concrete & move large portions of rubble at a time.

Archeological Dig Sites

An excavator is able to dig a large amount of dirt out of the ground. Because archeological work is delicate, it requires skill and patience so as not to destroy any artifacts that may be in the ground. Excavators are used to digging up the first lot of the surface area to save on time, but can also be used for precision work.

Excavators in the Forest

When there’s a large amount of lumber that’s just been cut down, it needs to be placed into a truck or a wood chipper. Unfortunately, these logs are too heavy for humans to carry, and so the strength of the excavator is used to carry the wood to certain areas.


Excavators are durable and can withstand almost any conditions. They run on tracks allowing the machine to ride up steep hills, over rubble and even up mountains.

If you have some construction projects that you’ve invested in and you can’t afford to pay fifty men to complete the job, then the excavator is for you.

Or if you just want to play excavator Jenga, you just found your new hobby. You know you want one.