The 5 benefits of fountains for your garden

Garden fountain

Fountains are a fantastic addition to the garden and if you don’t believe us then read on and see exactly what we mean.

Soothing water sounds

Over many centuries, Buddhist monks have worked to incorporate water fountains and other features into their garden spaces for soothing water sounds and meditative benefits. This sort of imagery is also a major part of modern visualization and meditation exercises. The sound that you have with running water is more of a natural psychological relaxant that can help someone to unwind or even fall asleep.

Outdoor water fountains have a stress reducing benefit whether you are listening to it intently or you are just hearing babbles in the background. A fountain can reinforce stress reduction while drowning out other sounds that could be irritating, including construction, traffic, nearby conversations, barking dogs and any other annoyances.

Birds love fountains

Someone enjoying the benefit of bird feeders will see that outdoor water fountains will be a wonderful, natural decision. All birds have to have water to drink and also to bathe in and preen. Birds that are not normally visiting bird feeders, like the robin, thrush, oriole or warbler, will usually be drawn to the moving water of a fountain. A number of birds will prefer having running water over standing water, which will make an outdoor fountain even more attractive than a bird bath with a bowl shape. Fountains that trickle and splash will also be audible from a distance, attracting even more birds.

Pets enjoy them

Dog owners will agree that they love fountains, as they offer another source of fresh water for them to drink. During the hot summer months, dogs and cats will be outside looking for the absolute best water around. Dogs and cats that find fresh water that is constantly flowing from a fountain will consider it to be a refreshing water bowl. A constantly flowing fountain is also going to require much fewer cleanings than a still bowl of water from a birdbath that can also collect a bunch of debris.

Customers rave about fountains

If you happen to have a business or storefront that you are in charge of, you will see that foot traffic will be a major source for bringing in clientele. A nice outdoor fountain will be wonderful for a range of businesses to put you over the edge with all of your competition. Businesses such as yoga studios, bookstores, coffee shops, salons and other retail stores can all benefit from having a very visible water feature outside. If you have a business where people like to gather outdoors, the right water fountain is going to offer a relaxing environment and the sounds of cool, clear water flowing and splashing. If you happen to have a bar or a restaurant, this can be a romantic draw for couples who are out on a date night.

People in general love fountains

If you have a body or a brain, you are in need of humidity in an environment that would otherwise be dry. Water fountains are going to offer such humidity as well as they can act like a natural air purifier to attract allergens and dust to remove them from the air. It has also been said that fountains with flowing water produces negative ions to offer positive effects for mood and health.