The pros and cons of log cabin buying

log cabin

Log cabins are rightfully associated with a cozy look and feel, and most importantly, they date back to our pioneer days. Nowadays, log cabins are modernized with the amenities you need while providing stunning and picturesque mountain, valley or lakefront views. If you hope to get away from the bustle of daily life and reflect on simpler times, a custom log cabin may be for you!

When most people mention log cabins, instant images of early American homes and small spaces spring to mind. Fortunately, modern log homes aren’t just beautiful, but filled with useful modern amenities as well as an open layout. Historical cabins were often small and dark, but the contemporary log cabin is anything but! You will find high cathedral ceilings, plenty of windows for natural light, and wide open spaces to house a trendy kitchen and luxury bathroom. Though the outer design is purely historical, you can have cozy comfort as well as the amenities you want. Before you have a log cabin built to your specifications, however, consider the pros and cons first.

The Pros

Sustainable logs are used to create designer log cabins keeping in check with eco-conscious buyers that care about the environment. Of course, you’re probably thinking about how can building a cabin made purely from trees and cutting even more trees down be eco-friendly? The answer comes quite simply: the logs used are from sustainable forests, meaning, that the trees were nurtured for the specific point of cutting them down for log cabins. By choosing to use a renewable sustainable source for building materials, our forests are safe.

When you purchase a log home, you can also rest assured that trees cut down are used in their entirety. Large portions become the foundation for your home, but chips, barks, and wood shavings are used to create household objects and furnishings.

A log cabin home is more energy efficient than people would think! The logs are able to trap heat during the day due to their massive size and radiate it during times when the temperatures decline. This natural act will prevent you from relying too much on your HVAC system and save money. In fact, a recent study revealed that log home owners can cut energy costs anywhere from 2.5% to 15%.

Did you know that your log home can be shipped as a kit or package to your address? This allows you to reduce carbon emissions that impact our environment while giving you an easy construction method. Most kits are designed as a puzzle where the pieces fall perfectly into place. Of course, it’s important to know exactly what your kit contains as not all of them contain everything you need for the build. If you wish to buy a log cabin, then there is no better time than now.

The Cons

Blue Ridge Country magazine is an honest source that explained many homeowners are unaware of just how much maintenance log homes require. This is due much in part to the fact that logs are easily impacted by changing environmental factors as well as temperatures. The logs you place together right now may expand, contract, crack or shift. In addition, pests such as termites and carpenter bees can cause lasting damage to log cabins if they aren’t handled in a timely manner. This type of damage is not covered by most insurance policies, so staying educated is important!

You may just think that a log cabin is a simple home, but the reality is that very few insurance providers will insure your property. Finding insurance for your new home is going to be a challenge that may take some time to resolve. Though the cabin manufacturer may be able to give some ideas, you will still need to do plenty of legwork.