Tips for Choosing the Best Corded Circular Saw

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A high-quality corded circular saw is a vital addition to any DIYer’s toolkit. If you’re on the prowl for the best corded circular saw for home use, keep reading to explore some crucial expert tips for buying the most suitable tool for you.

Here’s a brief outline of tips & factors to consider:

  • read expert corded circular saw reviews;
  • blade size matters;
  • take power and speed into account;
  • evaluate additional features;
  • examine upkeep and storage specificities;
  • figure out if the tool you fancy is easily adjustable or not.

1. Read Corded Circular Saw Reviews

Yes, studying reviews is important. Narrow down your search to some of the most reliable sources with reviews from expert carpenters and read a lot of what they have to say about the tools they utilize. Once you get to grips with the basics, you’ll get the chance to opt for a truly great tool for your needs.

2. Blade Size & Specs Matter

7-inch blades are the most common among multipurpose corded circular saws. If you’re in search of a heavy-duty model, opting for a beast with a 10-inch blade would be the right choice. Another important parameter in this respect is the depth of the cut. Explore the specs of the unit you like prior to deciding to make a purchase. Blade material and a number of teeth are also crucial for choosing the best corded circular saw. If you need a general-purpose unit, opt for a 18- or 24-tooth blade. More teeth equal buttery-smooth cuts, so make sure you really do your homework before making that ultimate choice.

3. Power & Speed Are Essential

The power parameter indicates how well the unit will perform and the kinds of jobs it is good for. 15 amps is maximum in most corded circular saws. This will be more than enough for home use. In fact, if you’re on the hunt for a tool for occasional DIY projects, you can even look among the saws with less powerful motors of about 13 amps. Just to compare, some cordless circular saws come with motor power of 4 amps.

Blade speed is another important criterion to take into consideration when shopping for the most suitable corded circular saw for your needs. Usually, most reliable manufacturers excel in matching speed specs to the power parameter, so making a mistake is very unlikely here.

4. Look for Excellent Extra Features

Did you know there’s a corded circular saw feature that stops the blade immediately after you keep your finger off the trigger? No need to wait for the blade to slow down! Furthermore, some models are equipped with a blower that clears the way in front of the blade. Also, there are laser guides on some saws that aid operators in maintaining maximum precision when making cuts. With that said, a set of good extra features can truly make a difference. So, make sure you explore the units you fancy on a deeper level prior to making a  purchase.

5. Is It Easy to Adjust?

You can adjust a good corded circular saw to achieve the needed depth of cut and blade angle. Therefore, how easy the saw is to adjust is key in terms of its convenience of use, especially if you need to adjust it on a regular basis. Take this aspect into account before sticking with a particular model.

Cutting to the Chase: Corded Equals Best Value

Both avid DIYers and professional carpenters have corded circular saws in their toolkits. While cordless equipment is steadily on the rise these days, nothing compares to the combination of performance and value offered by top-notch corded circular saws. Have anything to add on the topic? Fire away in the comments below.