Tips for improving the look of your garden

garden design

In the summer months, lots of families will use their garden more than they use the interior of their home and therefore are keen to make sure that their garden is both practical but also potentially stylish. There are people that just want to make use of the garden without much effort and there are those that want to maximise the look of their garden and maybe even show it off to the neighbours! There are many simple things that you can do without the need to embark on a major project and with enough patience and planning, anything is possible. Below are some of those suggestions.


Definitely a very popular feature you will find in a garden is the decking. Over the past decade this has become more and more popular and you will find that there is a large number of homes that now have garden decking as standard. If you do not have decking then things to consider with this is the area you want it, what type of decking and how it will be kept. Laying decking is something that many people within their homes may actually go to tackle themselves however it is not as simple as people may imagine. You will generally require to cut some elements to fit the spaces. In addition to this, there will be a need for you to preparation work in advance. You do not want to be placing decking on an area that the grass or weeds will come through quickly. Once the decking is placed, you want to also ensure that you protect it from bad weather so that it lasts a long time. You can do this with protection paint that isn’t too expensive. If you skip this part then expect to be needing to replace your decking in a few years as it will look worn and tired.


If your garden is just grass with some flowers then it could be considered pretty boring. There are many simple things that you can do improve the look which could include adding something like a water feature. Sounds complicated but it doesn’t have to be – these can be installed pretty easily. If you have a pet that is normally out in the back yard, you may be limited as to what you can do in the garden however have a look on the internet as to what other people have did with their gardens and see if there is anything you would replicate. If you have a thing for the wildlife then you could do your bit for nature and maybe add a birds feeding post. You may even manage to see some fantastic types of birds in your own back yard!

Hot Tub

Here we have the latest trend where people have invested in hot tubs for their own back yard! Whether it is winter or summer, we seem to have people jumping on this fad. This may seem unachievable but trust me, many households have incorporated this. There are many different prices for these depending on the size that you are looking for but you are looking at the expenditure being at least a few grand. Some hot tubs even now have fantastic lighting, connections to blue tooth so you can play your favourite songs and even an option to connect your phone to it and take calls! How technology has advanced so much in the last decade – who would have thought that people in the UK would be sitting outside in their gardens in hot tubs!


Whether or not you are a massive fan of flowers, a garden isn’t really a garden unless it has some sort of flowers or plants contained within it. You can go all out and have loads of this in your garden or you could keep it simple but effective and have a select few. Depending on what type of plants you purchase, these may attract some insects or animals – for example, bees or wasps. Purchasing plants is never really the issue as these are generally quite cheap, what normally becomes the problem is the upkeep of these as depending on the plant type these will require some attention. You can also decide to purchase plants that will allow you to grow your own vegetables. This could come in very hand – for example if you have your own mint plant and you want to have a glass of Pimms, you have the mint at your hand! You can decide to grow all sorts of fruit or vegetables in your garden but you will need to just ensure you plan this in line with the seasons.