5 items you need to take care of your yard

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A yard that’s well taken care of improves the appeal of your home. In fact, taking care of your yard can be a walk in the park when you are equipped with the right tools. On the other hand, a neglected yard creates a favorable breeding ground for pests and diseases that eventually invade on the grass and plants. In fact, there are only a few things you can do to keep the yard in good shape. When you have the right tools, you can finish the tasks much faster without breaking your back. If you can’t afford to buy the necessary tools, you can always rent them from the nearest convenience store at an affordable rate. However, it’s advisable you buy the tools because you will need to use them on a regular basis. Here is a list of essential items that you need to have to be able to maintain your yard.

1. Sprinkler and Hose Pipe

A sprinkler is needed for watering the grass. A yard that is not nourished with water regularly tends to turn brown in color. There are actually two types of sprinklers; pulsating and rotary sprinkler. A pulsating sprinkler is usually fixed permanently on the ground and it sprays water around a specified radius. This type of sprinkler is highly recommended for homes that have vast yards. A rotary sprinkler is ideal for homes with small yards. When shopping for a sprinkler, you have to consider models that come with a programmable timer. You will also need to invest in a hose pipe for watering individual plants that are in the yard. If your yard is large, you will need to buy a long hose so that you can go as far as possible when you are watering the plants.

2. Lawn Spreader

A lawn spreader can be very useful when you want to spread manure or fertilizer over your yard. Such manure provides the nutrients that are needed by the grass and plants. Besides that, the tool is also used when planting a new grass cover. This is due to the fact that it’s designed to drop seeds evenly on the ground. Since it’s equipped with wheels, you can move it at your own pace. When shopping, you can opt for the type that can be towed with a tractor or the other one that’s pushed like a cart. The towing type is ideal for large yards.

3. Rake

Most plants and trees shed their leaves during Spring. When such leaves are allowed to lie on top of grass, they prevent the sun from penetrating deep beneath the grass. They also absorb most of the water that’s meant for grass and plants. It’s much easier to gather the dead leaves and grass when armed with a rake. The rake can also be used in spreading mulch and grading the soil on patches that have turned brown before new seeds are planted. Rakes are distinguished according to the material used to construct them. It can be made from either steel, wood or plastic. A rake constructed from steel is more durable than one that’s made from plastic or wooden material.

4. Wheelbarrow

Without a wheelbarrow, transporting yard care supplies such as manure, mulch material and fertilizers can be cumbersome. This is because you have to carry them one at a time on your back. When you have a wheelbarrow, moving things around the yard becomes easier specifically because you can carry many things at a go.  There are basically three types of wheelbarrows. You can either buy one that’s made from wood, plastic or steel. But like mentioned earlier, steel is the best deal by any standards. This is due to the fact that it can withstand any weight. A plastic or a wooden wheelbarrow is recommended for minor jobs.

5. Lawn Mower

The grass in the yard needs to be trimmed regularly to create an appealing landscape. Tall grass actually tells outsiders that your home is not occupied. In fact, trimming the grass encourages a thicker growth. On the other hand, cutting grass without a lawn mower can take you ages. The task also makes you vulnerable to low back pain due to straining. Picking the best lawn mower is easy. If your yard is large, you are better off with a self propelled model. A manual mower is ideal for homeowners that don’t mind pushing the tool back and forth with the aim of burning a few calories.