Tips for preventing drain blockages

Blocked drains

Our friends from Drainage Care UK share some of their advice on avoiding blocked drains.

There are various steps that you can take to prevent drainage blockages from happening. One of the most obvious ones is being careful about what goes into your drains. Such minor but effective measures can also help to deter foul smelling water, leaking ceilings, or damaged wiring and electrical fittings.

Tips on how to prevent drains becoming blocked in different areas of your home:

Outdoor drainage

It is quite obvious that you should always try to keep the drains in your yard free of leaves, garden waste, or foliage that could be washed into the drain and cause blockages. You can accomplish this by sweeping your garden regularly and making use of a compost heap for leaves.


When it comes to your bathroom, avoid dropping objects such as hair clippings down the drain because they can quickly accumulate and lead to blockages. Other items such as face wipes, cotton wool, nappies, and tampons should be placed in the bin and not dropped down the drain where there may get clammed up in narrow pipes and lead to an overflow of water. Also, using too much toilet paper can also lead to blockages.


The most significant thing you can do to prevent you kitchen drains from getting blocked is to monitor the kind of waste that goes down your drain pipes on a regular basis. Scraping your plates thoroughly will also help to ensure that food does not go down the drain. In addition, using sufficient detergents and soaps can also help to break down the oil and grease used in cooking. Pouring grease directly down your kitchen drain is something that you should avoid at all costs. If you can, pour it into some sort of container, allow it to cool, and then throw it in the bin. If you absolutely have to pour it down the drain, make sure you follow it up with a blast of cold water since it will solidify the grease preventing it from clinging on to the pipes and causing blockages.

Why you should contact Drainage Care UK if all else fails

If your find yourself still facing issues with your drainage systems despite your best efforts, then you should consider securing the services of a professional who can find and resolve the blockage. Drainage Care UK has competent staff that can employ a variety of techniques that will be able to clear blockages as fast as possible. Drainage Care UK can also provide you with critical information and advice regarding what measures you can put in place to prevent further drainage blockages.

Drainage Care UK is comprised of a specialised workforce that is more than capable for handling various kinds of drainage blockage issues. The company also offers a wide range of complimentary services that can help you maintain a blockage free drainage system. There is absolutely no reason why you should suffer the effects of a clogged drainage system when there are professionals who can relieve your burden.

So, remember, there is no one better to handle your drainage blockage problems than Drainage Care UK.