Top 5 things to consider when it comes to furniture, fixtures, and fittings

Home renovation projects are a great way of injecting a new lease of life into an older property. They can be rewarding and challenging, and even increase the value of your property. Whether you’re having a kitchen overhaul, restoring some of the building’s original features, or gutting it from the inside out, if you’re not fully prepared your home renovation project can quickly turn into a headache.

Without proper planning and experienced contractors, it’s likely you will run into many issues, mounting expenses and a loss of time. Some problems can be avoided, so it’s essential you understand how, by partnering with an FF&E consultant, your project can be managed from start to finish, with minimal disruptions.

Below we’ll explore the 5 most common problems that occur, and how by working with an FF&E specialist they can be avoided.

Onsite coordination

Dealing with multiple contractors can be a nightmare. The most common problem most home renovators run into is not communicating properly with each one. Communication really is key during any renovation project. Without it, dates and timings get missed and important tasks may not get done on time.

At each step in your home renovation, you should be communicating with your contractors to ensure they’re all up to date on the latest timings and work that needs to be done. An FF&E procurement specialist can help you with the coordination of your project, ensuring each contractor is where they need to be and when.


Home renovations require a lot of work and can be a lengthy process. You can spend hours perfecting the design of your property, but if your furniture arrives too early, too late, or even damaged your renovation could be subject to additional costly delays.

The most common mistake many homeowners make when renovating their property is getting their furniture, fixtures or fittings delivered whilst their house still resembles a building site. By working with an FF&E specialist, they can ensure your products are delivered once your project is almost complete.

Correct measurements

Many complexities are involved with improving and renovating a home. If you opt to do all the work yourself, you need to be prepared to manage the entire project single handedly. Imagine measuring every room in your property, scheduling furniture, fixtures and equipment from many different suppliers and ensuring everything arrives not only in time but actually fits in the space you’ve designed, all while juggling a multitude of other responsibilities too. It’s pretty daunting and thinking about all these additional pieces can be overwhelming.

When you partner with an FF&E specialist, they manage everything for you – from design phase through to product installation for your project, ensuring everything fits correctly and can be delivered on schedule.


One area that many homeowners neglect when renovating is the lighting. Most homeowners won’t touch this and often keep the lighting the same as before, despite changing the layout. The issue with this is that every nook and cranny looks the same and the lighting no longer serves a purpose in the room. There are no focal points, no features, and no spots for the eye to land on in the room.

When you partner with an experienced interior designer, who specialises in FF&E procurement, you will get help creating a space that embodies your vision that’s not also functional but is fit for purpose. They can also offer full end-to-end solutions ensuring your project is tackled from design right through to installation, alleviating you of any stress and costly mistakes.

Installing electrics

Renovating any property requires a lot of decision making, from how you want a room laid out right through to how you will relocate existing electric sockets. One common problem that many homeowners face when renovating a property is not considering the existing electrical outlets when they have changed a room layout.

Having a design and procurement specialist who does the due diligence to identify this issue early and locate where new outlets are needed can save time, and headaches. It’s always best to move or add electrical outlets well in advance of furniture delivery and installation.

Final thoughts

As outlined above, property renovations can present a hidden set of challenges and decisions for a homeowner. We recommend hiring a good FF&E procurement specialist and provider to help you handle everything from understanding the property layout, to choosing the best suppliers and managing deliveries and installation, all while keeping a close eye on the entire process to spot and resolve issues before they arise.