Watch an expert share his top lawn-care tips

lawn care

It’s officially spring, so now is the perfect time to give your lawn some much-needed TLC! Watch this 6-minute video to find out how.

Remove moss & weeds

Your lawn may have accumulated moss, dead leaves and other debris over the winter months. This can be removed quite easily with nothing more than a rake a bit of elbow grease. Powered rakes are also available, and may be a wise investment if you have a larger lawn. This will remove most of the visible moss and loose debris, however you will need to apply a chemical product to completely kill the moss along with the tougher weeds.

If it doesn’t rain, you will have to water-in the lawn chemical using either a watering can or hosepipe.

Top tip: Most lawn chemicals come with instructions that are ‘per square metre’. To make sure you are using the correct amount, use 1-metre lengths of cane to mark out the area.

Deal with bare patches

If you have noticed a few bare patches on your lawn, they can be dealt with quite easily at any time of year with some grass seed. Loosen-up the soil with a fork or rake before applying the seed, and cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil or compost (this stops birds from eating them). Keep the grass seeds well-watered until the seeds start to germinate.

Spring is also a good time to fertilise your lawn. You can buy fertiliser from most garden centres – simply follow the instructions on the pack, and be sure to keep pets and children away from your freshly treated lawn.

Cut your grass longer in early Spring

Set your mower higher than usual for the first few cuts of the spring – this prevents your grass from losing too much moisture and allows it to get established. As the grass strengthens, you can start cutting it a little shorter.

Tidy up your edges

If your lawn has a paved edging strip around it, you can go along the edges with an edging iron or a blade. If not, use a strimmer instead to cut away excess grass and give your lawn a nice, sharp edge.