What goes into determining the cost of a commercial roof replacement?

roof replacement

Eventually, all roofs must be replaced whether they are on a home or a commercial building. The roof protects the building from water and the elements every day in all sorts of weather conditions and temperatures. These factors cause roof materials to wear out eventually. It is important to take care of the roof during its lifetime to make it last longer. Then, it is important to replace it before it starts leaking and letting water damage the interior of the building. In Nevada, hot temperatures and UV rays from the sun cause damage.

Commercial Buildings Need Roofs Replaced

Commercial buildings tend to be large and so the roofs are expensive to repair or replace. That causes building owners to wait as long as possible to replace them. It is important not to wait too long. As a roof gets older, it will need more maintenance to keep it waterproof. If a building owner contracts with a good roofing company such as D&D Roofing to have a yearly roof inspection and maintenance check, the roofing company will be familiar with the roof and can tell the owner when it is time to replace the roof.

A roofing company can add years to the life of a roof with regular inspections and repairs, including replacing missing materials, repairing gaps in roofing, repairing leaks, and replacing missing roof flashing. Some commercial roofing requires roof dressing to be applied regularly. These are flat, rolled roofs.

What is a Fair Price for Roof Replacement?

A commercial building roof covers a large area so there will be a high cost for materials and labor. Commercial building owners will do well to know how to estimate the cost of a new roof so they will know if the roofing bid they get is fair. Some of the factors that will affect the cost include the type of roof, the size of the roof, the number of roof layers to remove, local code requirements, roof access, the pitch, and wind loads and fastenings.

The type and cost of materials and the cost of labor make up the total cost of the roof. The cost of roof replacement may increase if there are skylights, plumbing pipes, chimneys, and other features to work around.

There are two types of roofs including flat roofs and slanted roofs

A flat roof will need either a single-ply roof or built-up bituminous roofing. The single-ply roofing materials became available and reliable about 25 years ago. Single-ply flat roofing typically costs between $3.00 to $5.00 per square foot.

Built-up bituminous roofing is made of several layers of roofing materials built up over one another. The multiple layers give the roof strength. This roofing typically costs between $3.50 to $6.50 per square foot.

A slanted or sloped roof can have more types of roofing including asphalt shingles which cost about $3.50 to $7.00 per square foot depending on the quality of the shingles. Metal roofs are also gaining popularity for commercial slanted roofs and they cost from $7.00 to $12.00 per square foot. There are other materials available at their own costs. The typical range in cost of roof replacement is between $5,356.00 and $10,890 and as high as $45,000.00.

Get Several Bids

One way to make sure the price of a roofing replacement is fair is to ask several roofing companies doing comparable work with similar materials for bids. Then, compare the prices and what each company includes in their bid.