Why reconstituted limestone blocks should be used to build a house

limestone blocks

It is very hard to select the right building material for the construction of your home or office, especially when you are looking for something that can last for a long time with the least maintenance. Most of the construction use wood or stone due to the durability they provide, however, there are many other options apart from it that can provide much more durability and strength to your constructed house and office. Also, it would cost you way less and is more affordable. One such building material is Limestone. Limestones blocks are one of the oldest building materials in existence and are the primary building blocks of many historical monuments and modern architectures. Some of these historical limestone architectures are hundred to thousands of years old and are still standing the test of time.

Due to this, people often think that using natural limestone would prove to be apt building material for them. They are not fully wrong, but natural limestone cannot be used for all types of construction. If you are looking to construct a building that can be much better in strength and design, reconstituted limestone blocks are the way to go. It is basically a mixture of natural limestone and a small part of cement and water. Since the cement is the most common type of building material that is used in almost all types of construction, it is added to limestone it makes it even better. These reconstituted limestone blocks are very strong and are mostly used in the construction of houses. Buildings made from these are much more powerful and long-lasting.

Since it is a mixture of both limestone and a part of cement and water, it takes the characteristics of both. It has all the qualities of limestone while inheriting the strength from cement. These reconstituted limestone blocks are prone to any kind of discoloration as natural limestone has the same property. Also, it would not let any king of moss grow with age as the composition of the block has been changed from natural to reconstitute. Reconstituted limestone blocks are also much stronger when compared to the natural limestone blocks. These can withstand extreme weather conditions as it can withstand and retain the natural structure and color. Buildings made of reconstructed limestone blocks have better chances of survival against any kind of natural disasters and accidents.

When it comes to reconstituted limestone blocks, they are a much better choice in case you want the desired texture. Not only are they stronger but they also have a lot of different textures. Since they are made with a mixture of cement, they can be given any kind of texture and shape at the time they are made. Also, these can be modified as per the customer’s preference. It allows the users to have many options in terms of looks if they are using the limestone on the exterior of their house. Lastly, what makes reconstituted limestone blocks one of the best choices is the lower cost. Although natural limestone is a little expensive, reconstituted limestone blocks are more affordable as they are not pure limestone and have impurities. These impurities add to the advantage of the limestone block in the long run and make it better for low maintenance construction.