10 tips for saving money on a home renovation

home renovation

Are you looking forward to a quick makeover of your home? Then you have landed on the right page. Often, it happens that we keep on postponing renovation for years, just because we are lazy enough to proceed. It is high time you stop procrastinating and get into your shoes. What’s more amazing is that this can be done cost-effectively. Interesting enough? Let’s check out the top ten tips to save money while getting your home renovated in 2019 with the top home warranty providers in PA.

1. ‘Do It Yourself’ as much as you can – Money can be saved if you move your ass a bit and put on your creative hat. All that you need to do is some demo work coupled with labour, and you are all set to save a lot of bucks on home renovations this season. Not just that, it also lets you decorate your home the way you want and lends it a personal touch.

2. Stick to the budget – It is crucial that you prepare a budget beforehand and stick to it during the entire renovation process. Before getting started with the actual renovation process, you must plan diligently. If you have decided exactly how you want your home to be renovated, you will save money without any serious effort. List out the cost of as many purchases as you can.

3. Don’t let temptations get the better of you – A lot of times; it happens that we want things to be done which are not even required or already on our list. The scenario gets a little extra twisted when these do not fit our budget and force us to compromise on some essentials. A vital trick to save money while getting your home renovated is to avoid temptations and proceed as per the plan.

4. Research properly before getting started – It is a fact that not everyone can be an expert when it comes to the renovation of homes, but everyone can at least gather the required information before getting started. It is recommended that you read up on what various homeowners have done and where they went wrong. Learn from their mistakes and experiences rather than committing errors of your own.

Research is not confined to online platforms only. Consult those neighbours of you who got their home renovated last year. The idea can even be extended to buying stuff. For instance, if you are a novice who doesn’t know anything about purchasing dump trucks, you should consult a reliable dump body manufacturer before investing in one!

5. Reuse when and where possible – Moving into a second-hand home has its advantages. Carefully analyse what is in excellent condition and can be kept. Pieces of furniture are often in good condition and need not be thrown away.

6. Employ the right architect – Hiring the right architect is something people often underestimate. The right architect will plan the entire renovation process smoothly and well within your budget. Make sure that you hire someone who understands what you are looking for and does not go over the board. Another tip is to hire someone who can take up multiple roles with ease. For instance, the architect should be able to work as a project manager too along with guiding you through various renovation models.

7. Do not replace everything – For many of us, renovation means replacing almost anything and everything. However, a cost-effective renovation does not include replacing everything! Furniture or other essential home accessories which are in good condition must be kept. This could consist of almost anything right from chairs to utensils.

Reusing stuff will help you save money, time, effort and energy. Not just that, a lot of times, we throw things away in the heat of the moment, only to regret later. Hence, you must give an accurate shot to reusable stuff and proceed wisely.

8. Keep an eye on exchange offers – In case you are adamant enough to replace stuff, you must not do that blindly! Keep looking for exchange offers near you. These exchange offers let you get brand new products at lower prices after returning the old products. Not just that, you can go a mile further and put some of your old, non-usable stuff on sale. Directly advertise the old products on “buy and sell” websites and see lucrative offers flowing in. You can find fantastic offers on gardening equipment, dump truck bodies, electric appliances and so on.

9. Invest in some cool second-hand stuff – It is not always necessary to shell out large sums of money to buy cool stuff. It is entirely possible to buy cool things while still sticking to your budget. Log on to online shopping platforms and buy second-hand stuff that is in excellent condition.

The majority considers second-hand stuff as substandard, but this is not the case. The catch is that you should buy it from the right platform. A lot of reliable websites are there which sell these products along with providing refurbished ones. As if this were not enough, they also offer a fixed warranty period within which you can return the product in case of a defect. Things like a dump truck or gardening equipment often cost high but can be bought second-hand after proper inspection.

10. Long term planning – Finally, you should get your home renovated with long term benefits in mind. Rather than investing in cheap products to save money, make sure that you invest in quality stuff that does not come with high maintenance cost. Also, make sure that the electric appliances are less power consuming products. You can add solar heaters and rainwater harvesting systems to save bucks in the long run. These quality products would not even require replacements for years, making it a win-win situation.

Thus, these were the top 10 tips to save money on your dream home renovation product this year. Building your own home is a dream for everyone. It won’t be wrong if we claim that maintaining a home in good condition over the years is as important as building a new one. We hope you find these tips and tricks useful. Good luck!

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