11 essential gardening tools to make your yardwork life easier

gardening tools

Save yourself time and effort with our pick of essential gardening tools.

There are people who just love gardening that even merely the way the freshly dug soil meets their fingertips makes them feel so overwhelmed. This doesn’t just give enjoyment to others but some actually get extra income by doing gardening. To support their love for gardening, they would need tools and equipment that would serve them most conveniently.  But before overspending with tools that are not even doing their purpose, one should bear in mind to prioritize the most essential garden products. Here’s a quick guide on what tools a gardener should acquire.


This primarily the first tool a gardener should have, with this one could already do gardening and protects the hands from thorns, itchy plants, insect bites and allergy-triggering plants and other soil debris. Also keep in mind to buy gloves that are not too bulky and with good quality to avoid being torn easily, gloves such as Atlas Fit Rubber-Coated Gloves are best to be used.


When digging holes for planting, transferring small bulk of soil, transferring bulbs and cultivating the soil, it is necessary to have a small spade. When buying this, pick the ones that have strong steels head and a thick fiberglass handle to ensure its toughness when digging up a tightly packed soil. Various spades such as Bully Tools Nursery Spade, Straight Blade Nursery Spade w/D-handle, and Stanley Transplanter will assist effective with the different needs of a gardener.

Garden Fork

Just like the spade, a garden fork is also small in size. This is used to loosen up clod soils in order for the soil to be cultivated much softer and easier.  When dealing with dry and hard soil, crumbling it bare hands would take up so much time, thus, with this you can pulverize the soil to its core.


A generator is important in gardening especially if the jobs in the garden are needing machinery that require electricity. Having backup energy should not stay a plan but something to invest on whenever it is deemed necessary. This is especially good for the expansion of your garden.

Leaf Rake

Unlike the garden fork, the leaf rake, on the other hand, has the same characteristic but is bigger in size. After finding the right spot to garden, it is common thinking to tidy it up; the rake is used in clearing dried up fallen leaves and smoothens out larger area of dirt. Rakes that have plastic or pliable metal head with wide faces and long, comfortable handles are best suggested.

Garden Hoe

Another type of soil-softening tool is the hoe, it’s capable of both the pushing and pulling of the soil, and it also helps in shaping the soil, weeding, dividing the roots, digging trenches and edging. It is the all-around tool that a gardener should take note of. A good quality hoe is the type that is tempered, heat-treated steel blade provides greater strength, durability, has a welded head, fiberglass handle that’s lightweight but strong and features textured rubber grips.


The shears are huge scissors that are used to cut long grasses and weeds that are not needed for a certain plant to grow. Basically, this is used in cutting or shaping shrubs or excessive growing plants and ornamental grasses.

ATV Sprayers

In gardening, sprayers are used for watering, spraying herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers on plants. Sprayers come in forms of bottle sprays and hoses with adjustable faucets. For gardeners who own lawns or a wide amount of space for gardening, watering it one by one would take up the entire day, however, with ATV sprayers, work will be done faster and accurately. It reaches confined areas that are hard to access that even many larger equipment sprayers can’t get to, it improves your land tenfold. Just easily apply water and chemicals to large or small areas, simple and guaranteed to do its purpose.


For gardeners who love to design and shape their tree-sized plants, loopers are handy for this type of job. Loopers are commonly used for pruning of tree branches that are about two inches. There are types wherein the handles extend to a length of two meters to reach higher branches and have adjustable blades depending on the branch’s thickness. When dealing with much bigger branches, a saw or machete would be needed.

Wheel borrow

During gardening, a wheel borrow is necessary. It lessen the strength needed to invest while working, when carrying pots of plants, transferring a huge amount of soil, piling up garbage after cleaning up and other collective effort that has to be done, it is highly useful. It would avoid work repetition.

Garden Shovel

When planting large pots of plants, a shovel is best to be used in digging, lifting, and moving bulk soil. There are different types of shovel; the gardening shovel has to a pointed tip, they are designed for scooping, lifting and digging, unlike spades, they don’t have a flat surface.