How to make money from your garden

How to make money from your garden

Have you ever considered making money from your hobby? This new infographic from our friends at Rattan Direct will show you how to turn your love of gardening into a source of extra income.

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How to make money from your garden - Infographic

Infographic by Rattan Direct

Grow edible flowers and herbs

There are several species of flowers that are completely edible and possible to grow from home. They are popular in fine restaurants and often used for decoration on cales & desserts.

Grow medicinal plants

Did you know that 25% of all prescription drugs are derived from plants, and that 70% of pharmaceutical products contain plant components? And we’re not just talking about exotic plants here – even the simple dandelion is used in a number of health remedies. Be sure to dry your medicinal plants to increase their shelf-life.

Propagate seedlings

If you have green fingers you could make up to £600 a month by selling young plants at car boot sales, garages or even from your own home.

Have a big garden?

If you are lucky enough to own a large piece of land, there are a number of other ways you can use it to make a profit:

  • Hire out your land as a campsite
  • Keep livestock
  • Keep bees
  • Start an organic market garden
  • Hire out your space for parties & events


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