3 incredible home interior updates worth pursuing in 2020

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Have you been looking around your home feeling less than inspired as of late? Does it just feel stale and in need of refreshing? This is normal for any home to go through, as even when you’re really excited about design features and touches, over time they start to age and become dated. This is exactly why it can be helpful to create a yearly list of home interior updates that you can strive to achieve.

So, what should make the list for this year? We’ve got three great ideas that you may want to tackle.

A Lighting Project

When it comes to interior design and decor projects that often don’t get the attention they deserve, lighting has to be right up there. All too often, lighting is seen as an after-thought, something the room has to have but there isn’t exactly any thought put into it. In reality, lighting plays a huge role in the room’s ambiance, feel, and overall design. Sure, it is meant to be functional, but it can be functional while setting its own statement.

You’ve got options here. You can choose to tackle one room at a time and make it an on-going project that you invest time and money in whenever possible, or you can overhaul the whole house. Now, obviously, new lighting in every room of the house will be a substantial investment, but be prepared to get maximum results from that investment.

Installing Shutters on Windows

Window coverings are another area in the home that presents an opportunity for updating and upgrading. If you’ve been sticking with typical window coverings of curtains or blinds, it’s time to up your design game. Shutters for windows can instantly elevate the style, elegance, and sophistication in the room, all while providing a host of other benefits.

Besides just looking great, shutters for windows can help with insulation, provide privacy, and help you to block out the sun or even angle it to your liking.

Before you start looking into buying shutters, however, you may want to check out the Oxford Shutter Company first. Known for its massive selection of affordable shutters, you’re sure to find something that works for the window size and shape, compliments your decor, and of course, is affordable. The Oxford Shutter Company even allows you to choose which way the panels will be hinged, so you can customise the final look.

Replace Hardware on Cupboard Doors

Perhaps the kitchen is your real bone of contention with your home. Kitchens are often the most-used space in a home, therefore, they are that much faster to show wear, tear, and age. Of course, it would be great to gut the entire kitchen and start from scratch, but not everyone has the budget for that kind of project. Instead, here’s a project that any home DIYer can tackle and get incredible results from – changing out the hardware on the cupboard doors.

That’s right, by swapping out all the doorknobs, pulls, and handles and replacing them with something more modern and stylish, it will give the kitchen a fresh new look. In fact, it can even make your cupboards look new and give them a high-end customised feel.

Don’t be afraid to also change things up and use a different size or shape on upper cabinets vs the lower cabinets. You can keep it flowing by choosing the same material, metal, and colour.

Rocking a Fresh New Look for 2020

With these home improvement projects and tips, your house will be rocking a fresh new look for 2020.