4 ways to bring life to dark and soulless rooms

bright room

Regardless of whether you have a visitor room, a small washroom or a condo in the city, having next to zero regular light can make your house look small and spread the feeling of negativity. Don’t worry about it just yet; there are many ways to fix this situation. The use of a cleaning service can let you save the trouble of keeping your room clean and tidy. This should be the first thing to start with if you truly want a dark and soulless room to relive.

It is quite essential to bring light to a dark room as it makes structural changes and makes the place more appealing. There are solutions readily available. You may have to spend some extra cash for this, but this would be worth it. Here are four ways by which you can fix this situation.

1. Begin with white

The dark colour symbolises negativity, hatred, anger, fear and these are all negative feelings that one should not have. The most ideal approach to disperse light is by utilising loads of white. White colour can reflect as much light as possible. So if it’s brightness you look for, the primary thing you ought to do is paint everything white.

Also, if you genuinely need to do more, don’t stop with only painting the walls and ceiling white. Consider getting other white components, for example, white chairs, equipment, tables.

2. Use artificial lighting

Yes, this is an obvious one. Set up tube lights or ceiling lights all over the room. We recommend that you should go for a ‘true white’ bulb. It is the best for a bright and fresh environment around you. To have natural light everywhere is not possible, we know that natural light is a great resource but on the off chance, you can also make use of artificial lighting.

3. Hang large mirrors

All you have to do is choose a perfect spot on the wall and hang those big mirrors and let the magic work for you. This is a great trick to make light bounce off the mirror and also at the same time create the illusion of space. You would see a vast difference after hanging some mirrors in your apartment.

4. Don’t forget to provide balance

Eventually, it’s critical for a space to have some regular interaction between light and shadow, as it is essential to have a pinch of contrast in order to make it look it real. No one enjoys the look of a huge overexposed box with no shadows. Add lights to light up dim corners, however, don’t go over the edge. A couple of shadows simply mean your space has a balance. Overdoing it may eventually look it as a softbox.

Dull rooms are not really good to live in. There are numerous benefits having ample lights in your place. Lights will make you feel fresh, give you energy, help you stay positive and will portray your personality better. We hope the above-compiled list brings life to your dark and soulless rooms.