5 awesome ways to take care of your trees


Taking care of trees in your picturesque garden ostensibly is a daunting task but, in reality, it just requires some diligence. While trees play a vital role in uplifting the aesthetics and ambiance of your place, it is also important to consider their upkeep and make sure they are well-kept to continue augmenting the visual appeal of your stunning garden or house’s exterior. Here are a few ways you can take care of the trees around your place.

Avoid Improper Pruning

Prune your trees properly to avoid any risks to their burgeoning. Improper pruning can lead to the tree leaning more than normal. The branches grow and look huge for their space or the top/bottom grows heavy. If you are not sure about the risks or threats your tree is currently facing, it is wise to contact a tree survey pro like www.treesurvey.com.au come over to inspect your trees and hand over a report underlining the threats that could possibly damage their natural growth and look. In addition, consult a pruning manual to look for techniques and how-to procedures to make trees balanced and neat.

Focus on Mulching

Always have the trees in your garden mulched to prevent the bugs like aphids and other insects that could nibble on leaves and fruits. Mulching is a productive technique, which keeps plants protected and safe from stress, especially young trees that are growing at a rapid pace. Avoid mulching ‘don’ts’ including covering the tree’s root collar where your tree connects with the root system, exposed roots or mulch piled up along the tree trunk. These mistakes can lead to infestation and the trees eventually rot away. It is wise to do mulching around 6 inches from the tree base and extend it to the tree’s drip line, just underneath the tree’s canopy.

Use Good Quality Fertilizer

If your trees are planted in a sun-lit space with good soil amplified with organic matter, they do not require any extra fertilizer. They will get nutrition through photosynthesis. Adding too much fertilizer can actually poison the trees and choke them to near death if you are not careful with the quantity. Always use a quality fertilizer brand and add only the minerals & nutrients required by your trees such as phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen to avoid dead branches, yellow foliage, and tapering growth.

Plant Trees Properly

Make sure you avoid planting ‘don’ts’ such as squeezing into a narrow space or in a dark nook in the garden. This can cause scant or dry foliage, reductive growth due to inappropriate sun exposure. Make sure you plant your trees in organized sections that offer enough sunlight and space for them to breathe and grow safe without any threats of infestation or malnutrition due to inadequate sunlight.

Water Them Daily

‘Water your plants daily’ is definitely a trite adage but unfortunately, some people do not pay heed to it. Trees need a good amount of water to stay hydrated and make their food. Have a gardening staff or a family member take over the responsibility of watering your trees regularly to step up their natural growth and aesthetic vibe.