5 different techniques to remove pesky weeds

removing weeds

There are a lot of different ways that’s weeds can be taken care of. Some of these techniques are more expensive and some and very simple to do but each method will have its own effectiveness. Let me explain each of them further.

1. Hand removal

Of course, the most basic way you can get them removed is simply by hand. Pulling them out this way is often the easiest way to get rid of them fast. But the main problem with this sometimes the roots are not properly removed, and this can lead to them coming back after a handful of months. Though of course if you are looking for the cheapest method this would be it!

2. Burn them out

The 2nd option is an option most people don’t even think about – burn them out. There are a host of weed torches that you can buy that will make light work of almost all the weeds. I particularly like to use them in spots where there is less ease of access to the roots. Burning them out like this often stops them from growing back at all and will stop you constantly having to remove them over and over down the line.

3. Using chemicals

Chemicals are a great way to get to the roots and really kill them off and prevent the weeds from re-growing. Also, chemicals are a perfect option in areas where roots can be difficult to access. Like driveways and in-between stones for example. Personally, what I like to do myself in those situations is burn the weeds out on the surface and once I have done that I will add my chemical weeding product to finish them off and ideally kill of the roots.

I find this is the best way to make use of both options to really remove them for good. In terms of choosing the best chemicals, almost all of them will do what you need. The one I have had the most success with is Ortho’s Weed-B-Gon. This one is also great because you can use it on your lawn weeds and it won’t damage the surrounding grass which is perfect.

4. Using gardening tools

There are a host of tools you can use instead of removing weeds by hand. Have a look at some of your local stores for things like a winged weeder. This is a better option for removing weeds that are easy to get at and makes it much less strenuous than doing it by hand.

5. Use a weed preventer

A weed preventer is another chemical that you would use to maintain an area where weeds always tend to grow. After removing them using one of the other methods you would place some of this chemical down like Preen garden weed preventer. The idea is it will stop weeds from growing in the area for many months depending on the product.