Weed eaters – Why you need one in your tool shed

weed eaters

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, you don’t need a lot of fancy tools. For starters, your tool shed should have the basics, such as a lawn mower, a branch trimmer or garden shears, and a rake. However, beyond that, you don’t need much to maintain your lawn. While it seems unlikely,

How to remove and prevent weeds from growing in your backyard

garden weeds

If you have your own garden, you may already know how disruptive the presence of weeds is. Not only does it suck in the nutrients that are supposed to be for your plants in the backyard, it may also lead to the death of the plants. These are seven things that you should remember if

Tips for selecting a backpack sprayer – Advice from a gardener

backpack sprayer

There are many uses for backpack sprayers and knowing what you can do with them is essential to the maintenance of the sprayer, wand, and nozzle, to the effectiveness of what you are trying to do, and most importantly, your safety and wellbeing. Whether you plan to use it for your lawn, in the garden,

5 different techniques to remove pesky weeds

removing weeds

There are a lot of different ways that’s weeds can be taken care of. Some of these techniques are more expensive and some and very simple to do but each method will have its own effectiveness. Let me explain each of them further. 1. Hand removal Of course, the most basic way you can get

How to use a weed eater like a pro

weed whacker

Using a weed eater is not rocket science, but how do you operate it for the best effect? A weed eater goes by many names. It can be called a string trimmer, weed whacker, weed-whip, or a whipper-snipper. Weed Eater is actually a brand name product manufactured by Poulan Today, though, it has seeped into common usage to

The impact of banning the most widely sold weed killer in the world

weed killer

In October 2017, the European Parliament voted in favour of banning glyphosate — the globe’s most commonly-sold herbicide — across the EU. Branded a danger to human health due to cross contamination between the substance and food products, many consider the ban long overdue. Despite experts claiming this is a positive move for ensuring healthier

How to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn

preventing weeds

Are you having problems with the invasion of weeds in your lawn? Did you know that there are tips on how you can prevent these weeds from reappearing? If you are having problems with weeds, then knowing how to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn is important. Get to know how you can effectively do

How do you solve a problem like Japanese knotweed?

Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a highly invasive ornamental garden plant introduced to Britain by the Victorians in the 1800s. It’s almost impossible to control and eradicate and can cause serious damage to buildings, car parks and asphalt driveways by exploiting cracks and weaknesses.