Weed eaters – Why you need one in your tool shed

weed eaters

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, you don’t need a lot of fancy tools. For starters, your tool shed should have the basics, such as a lawn mower, a branch trimmer or garden shears, and a rake.

However, beyond that, you don’t need much to maintain your lawn. While it seems unlikely, a weed eater is a tool that is beneficial to have. Owning one can really take your lawn care routine to the next level.

The benefits of having a weed whacker are impressive. They’re obviously not meant to be a replacement that can care for your whole yard, but the number of smaller areas they can reach make them worth the investment.

Works on Uneven Ground

Getting your push mower down a slope or across uneven ground can be difficult. Using a riding mower for the same task is basically impossible. A compact tool like a stringer trimmer can easily reach the crevices in a rocky or uneven landscape. It can keep your weeds and grass under control in every place.

Reaches Around Trees

Riding and push mowers are large and moving them around obstacles or small spaces can be difficult. These obstacles are often trees on your lawn. When they’re grouped together or have an awkward trunk, you’re going to have to work harder to get the job done.

Having a weed eater in your tool shed will cut your work in half. String trimmers allow you to maneuver around the bases of trees with ease.

Gets Underneath Benches and Fences

Fences and benches are other obstacles that make mowing your yard a hassle. Sure, you could lift and move the heavy bench aside, but it’s so much easier to simply grab your string trimmer. You just slip it right under the chair, and it will clean everything up nicely. Weed whackers also give the area next to your fence the closest trim possible.

Works on Unfamiliar Landscapes

If you’re planning on doing work on someone else’s lawn, then you need a weed eater in your toolkit. You may not know whether this new area has rocks or other obstacles hidden in the grass. If the area is small, you can use your weed eater on the whole site.

Moving slowly and carefully through unfamiliar terrain ensures you won’t hit trouble spots that would ruin your riding or push mower.

Gets Close to Buildings

Getting mowers close to buildings is another tough task made easier with a string trimmer. Weed whackers can get right up against any building. You can maneuver it so that you trim the area you need without hitting the side of the building. The ease of using string trimmers allows you to continuously keep up with the exterior appearance of your shed, home, barn, or any other building.

Types of Weed Eater

When doing your research on weed eaters, there are a few things you should know. First, there are 3 types of weed eaters:

  • Plug-In – Plug-in string trimmers are best used for smaller yards as they don’t have the same power as gas models. They’re compact and operate quietly. These types of weed eaters are restricted in their movements since they can only go as far as the extension cord can reach.
  • Battery – Weed whackers that are powered by batteries are even lighter than plug-ins and noiseless. Not only are they compact, but they’re also portable. If you choose battery-powered then make sure you have an extra battery on hand just in case.
  • Gas – Gas weed eaters are the powerhouses of the three. Like battery-operated models, they’re portable. But unlike other types of string trimmers, they can cut more and are more durable. The downside is that they’re pretty hefty and noisier than the others. They also need gas or a gas and oil mixture to work, which can be a drawback for some people.

Be sure that you look into other weed eater features that could be useful to you when you’re looking to purchase a weed whacker. Getting insights from greeneryguide.com and similar sources will give you the tools you need to successfully purchase and maintain your weed eater.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, string trimmers have many advantages over push and riding mowers. While having one isn’t a complete replacement for mowers, it’s essential to have to effectively complete lawn care.