How to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn

preventing weeds

Are you having problems with the invasion of weeds in your lawn? Did you know that there are tips on how you can prevent these weeds from reappearing? If you are having problems with weeds, then knowing how to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn is important. Get to know how you can effectively do this by reading the information below.

The seeds of these weeds usually sleep in the soil and can even remain completely dormant for many years. But once they get the needed sunshine, they will then start germinating and can be hard for them to be controlled. This is the reason why more and more people are looking for ways on how to prevent weeds from overtaking the beautiful lawn that you have.

Here are some tips on how to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn:

Using Pre-Emergent Herbicide for Your Lawn

One of the most effective ways on how you can prevent the weeds from overtaking your garden is by using a pre-emergent herbicide. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about it killing your grasses and other plants because the only thing that it will kill are the seeds even before they start germinating.

If you notice some wilts of forsythia and daffodils popping in your lawn, it would be best to start spreading the herbicides immediately. This will kill them and prevent further growth.

Start Growing Plants at a Close Range

Another way to prevent the weeds is by growing your plants carefully. The reason behind this is because of the lesser space, the harder for the weeds to start growing. Now if you accidentally double dig, start loosening the soil for 2 feet down, start planting cheek-by-jowl since the roots have the ability to start growing down for it to seek nourishment and water.

Maintaining Your Lawn’s Health

You can prevent the weeds from growing if you thoroughly keep the health of your lawn. Regularly mow the grass and just make sure not to cut them too short as this can cause injuries to the grasses itself. You can also use a lawn sweeper to get rid of the debris and of course the weeds that are already starting to grow from your lawn.

Start Mulching Your Lawn


Mulching is useful especially if there are seeds in the soil that have been dormant for quite some time. The reason behind this is because the mulch will prevent the sunlight from penetrating into the seeds. The mulch can also help the soil to stay well moist and cool. When choosing mulch, it would be best to choose organic ones, as they host carabid beetles and crickets, which will look and devour seeds of weeds under your soil.

To achieve the best results, you should fertilize the grass before starting mulching. You should also choose the best fertilizer spreader to achieve high efficiency. Fertilizer are spread all over the lawn, avoiding the uneven growth of grass after you remove the mulch layer.

Start Stilling Your Own Garden


Turning and loosening your soil is one of the best ways of managing the populations of the weed. But when tilling, it is necessary to take extra precaution. For people who don’t know, tilling is the way where the weed seeds are being rotated. This will help the seeds to be buried deeply and won’t have the ability to start growing. It is best to bury these seeds for at least 3 to 4 inches deep.

Using a Landscape Fabric to Cover the Soil

Landscape fabrics are made out of plastics, but there are also ones that are made of fibers. The fabric will help to prevent the growth of the weed, while still allowing the air and water to go through the soil.

Burn all the Weeds in Your Lawn

burning weeds

Start burning all the weeds that you see in your garden. Torch them with flamers that are made specifically for landscapes, which are usually hooked to a standard propane tank. This is an effective method of killing and preventing these weeds from invading your lawn.

Using Natural Methods to Prevent Weeds

There are a lot of things in your kitchen that can be used to prevent the weeds from growing in your lawn. One is of course with the utilization of vinegar that is concentrated. The reason behind this is because it can kill the weed instantly without worrying about any toxic substances running through your lawn.

Using Biological Methods to Prevent Weeds

Lastly, you can start using biological methods such as animals and insects to help kill the weeds that you have in your lawn. You can get a goose for your lawn as this can start eating the weeds that will start popping in your lawn. You can also incorporate some insects in your garden and get rid of them afterward by mowing your lawn and such.

These are the tips on how to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn. Religiously follow these tips for you to be able to weed free lawn and a healthier one.