Create your zen garden

zen garden

Life is a fast-paced and stressful series of events. For many, stress begins early in the morning as they begin the commuting journey and ends as they lie down in bed to sleep in the evening. So this can be a lot to take in, and it’s essential to find the secret to relaxation if you want to keep a clear head. While some might prefer to release the pressure at the local gym, others choose to build a sanctuary dedicated to peace and positivity. Your home is your nest and needs to be the place you can go to if you need to forget about everyday stress. As a result, your choice of decoration plays a big role in how you feel. But more importantly, your choice of decoration needs to extend beyond the walls of your house and into the garden. Take a journey into a world of peacefulness, and create a place in which you can find the way to your inner self: A Zen garden.

The Importance Of Water

It may seem odd at first, but the most peaceful element in your garden landscape is not the garden per se but the water in it. By water, of course, there is no mention of rain puddles or flooding, as these would be slightly less peaceful elements. But water has been proven to have significant mental benefits. Its presence can make you feel calmer and even more creative. While it has long been thought that only the ocean could be a source of calmness, in truth the sound of water has a positive effect on the brain. It’s no surprise that most spa centers like to play the sound of the water as a background music: If it doesn’t help meditation – as you need to be already an adept of the meditative art –, it certainly helps your brain to relax. As a result, integrating water into your garden décor is a good plan to release stress.

Taking Care Of Your Water

Most amateur gardeners who choose to add a water feature in their garden rapidly find themselves struggling with algae, smell, and brown water. This happens when your water can’t be renewed and lack aeration. The easiest way to solve the issue is to look for a windmill pond aerator kit, that will keep a fresh water movement. Others try to look for a motorised system to filtrate the water regularly in combination with chemical products. It’s best to avoid adding chemicals if you can, but it isn’t always an easy choice depending on the state of your pond.

An Easier Solution

If you don’t have sufficient room for a large pond, or for an aerating kit in your pond, you may want to look for water solutions that can keep a regular water circulation, such as garden fountains. Using water pumps, fountains can keep the water moving, making it easier to maintain a clean surface and to reproduce the soothing sound of the Zen water. Contrary to the common belief, garden fountains are now an affordable garden structure that can bring that last touch of charm that you need in your life.

zen garden