5 summer home decorating trends to spruce up your space

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Summer is a great time to redecorate your home and give it a fresh new look. Small changes in colors, prints and lights make easy upgrades in home décor. These trendy summer home decorating trends will make you space calm and peaceful for coming hot days of this season. To find out about these décor tips, keep reading.

1. Pillow talk

New cushions and pillows make a great impact when it comes to home décor. Power of new pillow covers can’t be underestimated. Now that the summer is here replace your dark, wintery pillow covers with floral prints and light colored covers. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring a cool vibe in your home. Have white bed set and cool comfortable pillows for relaxation. See this post to get some extremely cool and comfy pillows this summer.

2. Fresh flowers

Place flowers and plants at those parts of your home where you go frequently. These fresh flowers will make your home look beautiful instantaneously. Flowers not only add colors to your home space but they also make the environment more pleasant and lovely. The smell of flowers and plants give a soothing and cool effect. This is one trending home décor idea which never gets old.

3. Animal Print

Zebra print is most easily available when it comes to animal print designs. When you add animal print in your home, it gives it more summery vibe. Some people hesitate from adding a wild design in home décor you don’t need to worry as long as you keep minimal. Simply add a gorgeous throw, rug or cushion cover with animal print. A portrait or a showpiece inspired by wild life can also amp up your home décor perfectly in summer.

4. Outdoor Lights

Fairy or string lights look so amazing wherever you put them. Outdoor lights trend the most in summer season. You can simply hang them around outside your house and they will make your exterior look dreamy and beautiful.

It’s very easy to find these lights in market in different colors and shapes. White string lights are always the best.

5. Maximize the Natural Light

Sunlight makes the house look more vibrant, spacious and refreshing. Instead of having artificial lights on all the time, change your home décor in a way that you can easily maximize sun light. How? Well, one easy way to do this is to utilize reflections, position a mirror near window so the natural sun light will bounce from it and make room look brighter. Make sure you have some green plants in your home to balance out the brightness.

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