Dry compost toilets – What you ought to know

composting toilet

A dry toilet, preferably known as compost toilet are among the most convenient restrooms that you can find. If you love adventures and enjoy traveling or camping, these toilets serve a great deal that you do not have to get stressed about where you will pee! These toilets are like a modern version of the traditional bathroom.

The Characteristics of Dry Compost Toilets

This type of toilet operates without flushing units that are comprised of water. It is most certainly friendly to the environment. The dry restroom may have a raised pedestal on which the user may sit on or a heavy pan over which the user squats in case of a squat toilet. In both versions, the excreta fall through a drop hole. On these dry toilets, the excreta may either become mixed at the time of dropping or stay separated.

Toilet Types

There are quite a variety of models, which you can select from depending on your needs and specifications. Anyone that would make you happy, you can find it in the market at very affordable prices. If I may try to define a dry toilet, these are toilets that work without flushing water or a connection to a sewer system or septic tanks.

These compost toilets are assessed according to their most critical characteristics hence making your shopping process very easy for you. There’s the natures head self-contained composting toilets which are the best for RVs because they don’t require black tanks that need a lot of maintenance. The qualities head dry composting toilet, which is the best versatile waterless toilet. The sun mar excels nonelectric is most known for high capacity use.

The Camco 41541 is the best if you want to do some boating as it has an upper holding tank. We also have the sanitation equipment that has been modeled into a visa potty. This type is ideal for camping, as it is lightweight and efficient too.

These are among the best composting toilets you can find in the market. All you have to do is make a choice of which one best suite your need.

Local views

It is so sad to say that individual states are not acquainted with composting toilets, and you may get fined just by using them. Therefore, it is essential that you double-check the rules and regulations if you are in a foreign state to keep you out of trouble.

Vital Considerations

Space is significant when it comes to purchasing a composting toilet in term of weight and dimension for a portable one.

Some electrical hook up may be necessary for this type of toilet but not applicable to all models as some may use solar nights.

Merits and Demerits of Composting Toilets

These toilets are environmentally friendly, very cost efficient and safe for use as long as you follow the necessary precautions provided. They are not all that good as they have got their wrong sides too. The liquid tank has to be frequently emptied, and this is kind of tiresome to a person. When it comes to leaving, the stench may become unbearable making it not so much of pleasant experience. Also, the solid tank may develop some molds especially if the tank is moist after emptying.


There are quite a variety of samples in the market that you could get to choose from as long as they fit your taste and preferences.

So long as you know you can handle the cons of a composting toilet, then you are good to go. Just enjoy your adventures peacefully without too much pressure on where you will be helping yourself.