5 tips for caring for your lawn all year

lawn care

Taking care and maintaining grass is a science that must be learned by everyone. Some rules must be followed if you want to have a beautiful lawn on your compound. They range from removing the weeds, mowing, and watering. Unfortunately, most people treat grass as weeds and so they expect it to grow naturally. Here are tips that can help you take care of the lawn.

1. Watering

It is one of the most important things that must be done if you want the grass to grow healthy. How often and the degree of watering your loan depends on the type of soil. In some cases, your lawn will start wilting when it needs to be watered. So it is up to you to determine the right time it should be watered.  But generally, grass must be given an inch of water once per week. You can rely on the rains or use an irrigation system to do this. Deep watering is the best since it makes the grass to grow stronger. Quick watering should be discouraged since the soil dries fast and may make the grass to wilt. Also, overwatering should be avoided since it encourages fungal growth.

2. Applying fertilizer

Grass, just like other plants need nutrients. It needs potassium, iron, and nitrogen. These nutrients are readily available in fertilizers. So applying appropriate fertilizers can make the grass to grow healthier. And again, the fertilizer to use depends on the planted grass. You may need to talk to a professional for advice on the best fertilizer for your lawn.

3. Mowing

You will need to remove weeds and mow your lawn to give it a tidy look. When mowing, ensure that you cut less than a third of the grass blade. You need to leave a reasonable grass blade surface to support photosynthesis. Note that when you cut it too short, it encourages weeds to grow. Weeds weaken the root system and make the grass to wilt. Use a mower with sharp blades to give the grass a clean cut.

4. Aerating the soil

An adequately aerated soil produces better root development. Use an aeration tool to punch more holes into the ground. But the best time to do this is when planting the grass. Also, you need to do dethatching to prevent nutrients from getting to the roots. Dethatching removes root layers and grass stems which grow between the root and the stem and can cause problems. It should be done using a rake.

5. Removing weeds

It is necessary that you remove the weeds from the grass. If you choose to use your hands, ensure that you uproot all of them. Also, you can remove weeds using chemicals. Apply pre-emergence herbicide before the weeds start sprouting. It prevents them from growing and choking the grass.

There are many other methods you can use to take care of the lawn. But watering, mowing and removing the weeds will ensure that the lawn is healthy. For more ideas, there’s a lot really useful lawn care advice at https://www.cozydownhome.com/best-reel-mower.