Artificial Grass: Should I Use It For My Family Garden?

You can visualise how much time we spend on grass. On a hot summer day watching kids splash in a swimming pool, and lounging around a family barbecue in the fresh breeze are all great warm-weather pursuits. It isn’t all sunshine on the grass, as trimming, fertilising, and cleaning up after the dog require a

Why you have to winterize your sprinkler system


Perth weather is well-known for its hot, dry summers, and its mild winters. When it is the summer season, the installation of a well-built and planned reticulation system can be a lifesaver for your lawn. After all, exposure to hot heat of the sun for longer during the summer months can cause your plants to

Want a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood? Try these 7 tips

Lawn care

Lush green grass, vibrant flowers and plants, and the absence of weeds – these are hallmarks of a beautiful lawn. You could pay a lot of money to make your lawn look great, but you don’t have to. Instead, create a yard that stands out and looks fabulous by using these 7 tips and doing

How to stabilize sloping lawns and prevent erosion around the house

uneven lawn

Over time, erosion around the house can slowly damage your property’s foundation as well as wreak havoc on your lawn. This is especially true for areas that see periods of heavy rainfall. For properties with a sloping lawn or areas of loose sand and soil, controlling erosion is even more important. Embracing such projects can

Things to do for a healthy lawn all year-round

Lawn care

In order to create a beautiful lawn throughout the year, you need to begin working on it during spring. A lot of homeowners face the daunting prospect of preparing the lawn for the warm months ahead. Right from mowing to cleaning and seeding, there are multiple lawn care tasks that encompass a number of responsibilities.

4 benefits of owning a Craftsman walk-behind string trimmer

walk behind strimmer

Tools were invented to make your work easier. In your home, you probably have some tools that you consider essential than others. A craftsman walk behind string trimmer is one of the must-have tools that any homeowner should consider having in their homes. This is because the advantages that come with owning one are almost

Get a lush, green lawn with the right fertilizer


Like most homeowners, you take good care of your house. This also includes the garden in your front yard. However, you may not have either the time or knowledge to perform the task yourself. In such a situation, you have only one option. You got to hire proficient yet reliable professionals to do the job.

5 tips for caring for your lawn all year

lawn care

Taking care and maintaining grass is a science that must be learned by everyone. Some rules must be followed if you want to have a beautiful lawn on your compound. They range from removing the weeds, mowing, and watering. Unfortunately, most people treat grass as weeds and so they expect it to grow naturally. Here

The importance of lawn care

lawn care

According to the 2015 Research published by Harris Poll of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, almost 84% of American citizens find it a crucial part of house care to have a well-maintained and aesthetically-pleasing lawn. It doesn’t take a great mind to know that a lawn would vastly improve the aesthetics of a home.