The importance of lawn care

lawn care

According to the 2015 Research published by Harris Poll of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, almost 84% of American citizens find it a crucial part of house care to have a well-maintained and aesthetically-pleasing lawn. It doesn’t take a great mind to know that a lawn would vastly improve the aesthetics of a home. When you have a lawn, the house’s overall value also increases in the market. Here are some reasons why a well-groomed lawn is important.

1. Having a Lawn will increase the value of your property

Let’s be real. You probably wouldn’t want to live in the same old house with the same old neighbours forever. There will come a time that you would move out — whether it’s due to retirement, financial difficulties, etc. Whatever the reason is, you would obviously want the optimal value for your house. Not only will it increase the value but also its marketability. Well-groomed lawn sends out a message that the entire house is cared for inside and out First impressions last and your lawn will be the first thing that your buyer will see. Real estate agents swear that the state of your lawn can either make or break the deal even before they see the actual interior of your house.

2. Lawns Are Good For Your Mental Health

What could possibly be more rejuvenating than waking up in the morning, looking out from your window and seeing a patch of green grass? Affordable blinds like the top down bottom up blinds give you the ability to see your lawn from the top or the bottom. Studies have shown that the colour green can soothe your soul and mind, helping you relax. This translates to a more positive attitude which has been known to reduce anxiety.

3. Lawns Offer an Aesthetically-Pleasing Scenery

A well-maintained lawn drastically improves your house’s aesthetics. As the first thing that visitors can see, you have the chance to create a great first impression with your lawn. Having a properly-groomed lawn can also impress even the snobbiest of your friends. Even the tiniest piece of lawn also creates a great natural effect for your house. Many put up flowers and other attractive plants beside their house which makes for great decor.

To further improve their house aesthetics, many are choosing to eradicate their garden sheds altogether. Instead, they prefer to store their items in storage unit near you as a garden shed kind of damages the overall aesthetic.

4. Lawns Reduce Noise Pollution

This is a fact that not most people know. Lawns help reduce noise pollution around your area. Noise Pollution has become a major problem in densely populated areas. The hustle-bustle of everyday life can become way too noisy which actually adds up to a usually stressful day. Studies have found that a grassy lawn minimizes the noise entering your house by as much as 8-10 decibels. Sounds which are higher than 10 decibels are rendered softer which makes it less irritating.

5. Lawns Help Save Mother Earth

Since you are planting plants, you are contributing to the cause of saving the environment. By having a green space in your home, you are doing your part in the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change. Lawns have been proven to help prevent soil erosion with their capability to effectively absorb rainfall.

Not only that but with grass and plants in front of your house, you are helping clean the air around you. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh oxygen during photosynthesis so it’s a guarantee that you are breathing in fresher air than those who do not have a lawn. To add to this, lawns will also help keep your house cool during the summer. Extreme heat is usually magnified by gravel, asphalt and soil but with lawns, heat is reduced.

6. You Can Display Your Lawn Furniture

One great thing about lawns is that it allows you to display your lawn furniture for everyone to see. Indian furniture is often aesthetically pleasing and will instantly beautify not only your lawn but also your house in general.