6 brilliant uses for handheld vacuums

handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuums have numerous uses apart from removing dirt and dust from your carpets and floors. This machine makes use of suction to collect messes all over your house. However, handheld vacuums have several brilliant applications you might not know of, which might consequently offer you more value. Therefore, we will take you through five exceptional uses of handheld vacuums.

1. Vacuuming your vehicle

The handheld vacuum is the perfect choice for cleaning your car since unlike the main vacuum cleaner, you do not need carrying it outside with all its cables. Thanks to its ease of portability, handheld vacuums are undoubtedly the best car vacuum. Moreover, as they are lightweight, you can easily access parts of your car where it would be hard to reach when using the main vacuum cleaner. Consequently, owning one not only makes your work easier but also improves the overall tidiness of your vehicle.

2. Finding small lost items

If you have misplaced a small item such as game board pieces as well as earrings, do not worry as the handheld vacuum has got you covered. All you need to do is to place a stocking over the vacuum cleaner’s end and secure it using an elastic rubber band. Once you have done that, you can switch it on and pass it around bulky pieces of furniture, under your cushions or car seats as well as behind couches. Eventually, you will find any item that you have misplaced, making it the perfect home and car vacuum cleaner.

3. Fix carpet dents

Carpets usually develop dents due to several reasons. According to the bestvacuumexpert, you should place ice cubes over the dents and then allowing the ice to melt. Once the ice melts, the carpet becomes somewhat moist and then use the handheld vacuum cleaner over it to get rid of the dents or marks on your carpet. This is a superb method of eradicating all the dents from your attractive carpet while guaranteeing it is not damaged.

4. Dusting cobwebs

Does your car or house have lots of cobwebs? Worry no more! Using a handheld vacuum you can effectively remove all the cobwebs,leaving the area sparkling clean. Additionally, it is more effective than feather dusters as well as easier to use, unlike the bulky main vacuum cleaner. With it, you can access the furthest corners of your car parts or rooms. This explains why it often is considered to be the best type of vacuum cleaner.

5. Cleaning your child’s toys

Kids typically have their toys close to them when they are sleeping or playing. These toys over time start catching dirt and dust, which might be detrimental to both your young and growing children. Therefore, ensuring these toys are clean is vital, and a handheld vacuum cleaner comes in handy during such times. You get to safeguard the health of your kids by making sure the surrounding environment is tidy and clean from harmful dust particles. Nevertheless, always set the vacuum at medium mode to prevent the pressure from causing damage to the toys.

6. Cleaning the stairs

Have you ever tried cleaning the stairs with the main vacuum cleaner? If so, then you know how challenging it can get and how the vacuum can fall and drag along at any given moment. Fortunately, with a handheld vacuum, you will have no such worries as it is lightweight thus more portable and less dangerous.

Having gone through this article, you now have unique ideas on how you could make use of your handheld vacuum. Consequently, your surroundings will not only be clean but also your health and that of your loved ones will be safeguarded. Therefore, getting this vacuum cleaner is something you need to do sooner rather than later.