Roof maintenance tips from a Cedar Rapids IA roofing consultant

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The roof adjusted to the style and structure of the building itself is cherry on top. In addition to looking attractive, it should be functional too. If you want to keep the roofing in excellent condition for as long as possible, it must be maintained regularly. Prevention will cost far less than any repair.

Keep in mind that you can prevent any larger damage if you notice minor malfunction on time. Don’t be lazy when it comes to checking the roof and its structure from time to time. The maintenance procedure usually depends on the material on the top of your house. However, for all types of roofs, some necessary steps should be taken regularly to keep them in good condition. If you live in the area, you can also check Cedar Rapids roofing for assistance.

Make a Roofing Checklist

The right maintenance technique is of utmost importance for the durability of the roof. That doesn’t mean that you have to pay special attention to it every day; just to establish a routine that won’t take too much time and can mean a lot. You can create a reminder in the form of a checklist, listing all the necessary actions and the time when you should do them. Hang the checklist in the garage, for example. You will always have it in your sight, and the chance of forgetting it is minimal.

The plan doesn’t have to contain many details. For example, perform a periodic roof check once a month, or after major storms. After a while, you’ll get use to it. Then, it is necessary to clean the roof at least twice a year. If you need to make some repairs, do it in the spring or fall to get the roof ready for snow and rain. Check also the inner side of the construction, to prevent water from entering the attic.

React on Minor Defects

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Minor repairs to the roof, which you should solve as soon as you notice them, happen because of tiles or drains. Roofing that is bent, displaced, or physically damaged is the main reason for water getting into the attic and then further into the house.

Finding the exact place where your roof is leaking is a difficult task; a damaged tile or any other type of roof covering is difficult to spot from the ground. As soon as you notice water on the inner walls, first eliminate the other causes. Not every moisture occurrence is caused by damaged roofing. For example, if the water only appears when it is raining, it means the roof is leaking. But if there is moisture even when it is not raining, the cause will most likely lie elsewhere.

Replacing a damaged tile will not take you too long, though you can always call a handyman if you’re not into house repairing. The cost will be incomparably less than if the water had penetrated the timbers, the supporting roof structures, or the interior walls of the house. Better safe than sorry.

Take Care of Gutters

If you have a complete gutter system installed on your house, it doesn’t mean that you did all the work. Regular maintenance and removal of dirt from gutters is a crucial factor for the durability of the drainage system, as well as the entire roof.

Throughout the year, check the drainage channels several times; especially at the end of autumn because then a large number of leaves, branches and the like accumulate in the drains. Water retention can occur and cause corrosion and deterioration of the material.

It is equally important to check gutters in the spring. The sheet metal is thin, and it can potentially bend under the weight of the snow. Due to the substantial temperature differences and the amount of water that gets into them, usually during the winter, the sheet can expand or shrink. Assembled connections often split and crack, causing dripping or leaking. Snow guards are the best protection against this.

Remove Branches

The biggest culprits for clogging the gutters are branches and leaves. The dust, soil, and dirt that the wind brings get stuck in there and cause many problems. The solution is to cut all the branches leaned on the roof, but also those from the nearby trees. Another useful tip is to place something like a filter on the tops of the vertical pipes, which will keep bigger things from getting into the ducts.

Roof installation costs a lot, and this is the main reason why you certainly want to preserve your investment for many years. If you’re going to sell a house at some point, potential buyers will pay a lot of attention to the roof structure, tile, and drainage system. These are all factors that can cause your real estate price to rise and fall significantly.