7 things to consider before a DIY bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation

Before you can begin thinking about how you want your bathroom to look like after a DIY renovation, there are some considerations to bear in mind. After all, one of the worst things that can happen is that after all that planning, you realise you’ve overlooked a very important detail. You wouldn’t want all of your efforts to go to waste, would you?

To build the bathroom of your dreams, here are the 7 most important things to consider before you take on a DIY bathroom reno.

1. Planning for the Mould

Bathrooms in particular are prone to mould. This is because of the moist area as well as the humidity that comes from running hot showers every so often. Because of this, when you are planning out what you want to do for your bathroom renovations, you will need to think about what you will do to try and minimise the spread and chances of mould taking hold of your bathroom tiles. For instance, you could look at a blue board wall instead of a typical drywall.

2. Adding a Fan

All bathrooms, whether they are full or half bathrooms, need fans in them. These don’t have to be massive ceiling fans that take up a lot of room at the top of the bathroom but you will need them somewhere. The moisture and the smells of the bathroom stuck in still air are only a recipe for trouble. Instead, you will want to think about whether you want a separate fan for the bathroom or you want a combination fan and what your budget will allow for in this area.

3. Changing the Layout of the Bathroom

Sometimes when it comes to renovations, people will have grand changes planned where the entire setup of a room is vastly altered. Other times, people simply just want to revamp the way that a room looks. You will want to give some hard and heavy thought as to how you like the setup of your bathroom and if you plan on changing the layout. This could be a simple as moving where the linen closet is to changing the way the plumbing works by moving the toilet to the other side of the bathroom. Just keep in mind that if you are working with the plumbing of the bathroom, you can expect it to cost several times more.

4. Thinking Hard About the Tiles

It is just about customary for there to be tiles in bathrooms but there is a surprising amount of thought that goes behind choosing the right tiles for the job. When you are planning out your bathroom renovations, you will want to think about what colour you want the tiles to be, what size the tiles should be, whether they are slippery or slip-resistant, or if you want to decorate the bathroom walls and floor with mosaic tiles instead of rugs.

5. Moving the Cabinets to a Better Place

Similarly, you will need to think about whether or not the cabinets are moving. In some cases, the cabinets are just fine where they are; other times, you might want to move them to a more suitable location in the bathroom, especially if you are moving everything else around. Usually, you should only move the cabinets if they are water damaged. If they are doing perfectly fine, you might want to put more focus on sanding down the vanity and repainting the cabinets to give them a breath of new life.

6. Reusing Old Fixtures

If you are looking to save money or you simply do not want to let perfectly good bathroom fixtures go to waste, you might want to think about reusing them. For instance, if you have a high-quality toilet that you spent a considerable amount of money on but it has a color that you do not know what to do with, you should think about incorporating that color scheme into the rest of the bathroom instead of wasting money tossing out that toilet and purchasing a brand-new one.

7. Thinking About Professional Work

While doing bathroom renovations by yourself is an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience in a number of ways, there are some areas where you might want to think about whether or not you can really do everything yourself. For instance, if you are doing a massive overhaul of your bathroom, moving around fixtures, and reworking the plumbing, you might want to think about how much you can afford to have a professional do for you so that you can have the best bathroom possible without fear of something going wrong.

No matter what your needs are, speak to a reputable bathroom renovation firm who will be happy to sit down and go through your current and future requirements.