A guide to keeping your heating system in good condition

When the long winter is at your doorstep, a faulty heating system is the last worst thing one could think of. As the risks are inevitable, making sure that it’s working at its full capacity can be a lifesaver, and eradicate one of the many headaches that you will most certainly come across if not considerate. Therefore, a guide is essential to get you through everything you need to check. So to spend your winters all peaceful and cosy, keep all the points in check that we are about to discuss. You don’t want to miss any of these…

Guide to keep your heating system in good condition

Annually service your boiler

In simple words, you can take Annual Boiler Service as a complete dissection of the system, where each component contributing to the heating process is assessed and fixed. You would like to consult a gas-safe engineer for this job as he/she specializes in this area. Any other person is not qualified nor allowed to work with the heating system as it’s a risky task.

Read the instruction manual carefully

Every boiler comes with an instruction manual that includes everything about the boiler from installation to maintenance. Sometimes our boilers are showing errors that we don’t know about and avoid them because of which after some time we get into a bigger problem and have to call a professional to check our boiler. If we check the instruction manual for a particular warning and take care of it on time we can avoid many boiler problems and save our money.

Keep an eye on the pressure

It’s advised to check the boiler pressure after every month or two. If you notice that pressure is low, read the instruction manual and fix it or call a professional to examine and fix the boiler. Moreover, sometimes the pressure may get high which needs to be reduced by bleeding the radiator until it becomes normal.

Regular Flushing

If your boiler is not working as it should be or if you notice that the radiator is not heating up even after the pipes are heated, it’s time to flush it. During boiler flush, contaminated water is passed through it which removes dirt from radiator and pipes. Once flushing is done you will notice the boiler working more efficiently. One thing to keep in mind if you are someone who doesn’t know how to flush it properly make sure to get it done by a professional and avoid problems.

Turn on your boiler in summer

Turning on your heating system in summers helps to remove dirt from the pipes and keeps it running efficiently while keeping the parts of the boiler clean and reduces chances of boiler failure.

Check connections regularly

Make sure to check all the connections on regular basis. Weak electrical connections or gas connection can affect the boiler’s performance. Moreover, weak electrical connection can sometimes cause short circuits and lead to boiler failure.

Lubricate boiler well

Just like other machines boiler parts also need lubrication. After every two or three months, it’s recommended to call a professional who can open its parts and lubricate them well. Regular lubrication of parts prevents corrosion and keep the parts in good condition for maximum performance.

Provide proper ventilation

You may hear this several times while talking about heat-producing appliances. But have you ever thought that your boiler also needs ventilation? Rarely…however, to make sure that it keeps working for long, keep its surroundings clean. Make sure there are minimum, or nothing surrounding in its premises. This will help the extra heat escape more efficiently.

Keep a check on the flame

Flame can serve as a great indicator to confirm if the boiler is working perfectly. In normal conditions, the flame colour stands blue. However, it’s time to worry when the colour is orange or red. It points towards carbon monoxide leakage.

Keep the condensate pipe warm

In temps below 0 degrees, condensate pipes might get a freeze, consequently leading to a blocked boiler. To overcome this, you must insulate the pipe properly. If you have already done it, then wrapping a towel around it will give it some extra warmth.

Need professional support?

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