A guide to properly securing your property

home security

Everyone obviously wants to feel that their house or business is properly secure, and many of us spend lots of money buying the best locks for the doors to our property, forgetting the fact that our windows provide another, often simple method of entry.

While burglary statistics show a falling trend, according to UK Government statistics, last year alone over 650,000 properties were broken in to, which comes out to about two in every one hundred properties. Very clearly, the problem of burglary is still something which should be of concern to every home and business owner. Your average burglar is fairly opportunistic and will take advantage of any weakness that they can spot, which is why houses with security bars on the windows, and good solid doors, with a complicated lock are less likely to be broken in to in the first place. Businesses, especially retail ones, who can pull down a steel rolling security shutter, are far more secure than those with a simple pane of glass between the thief and their stock.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Bars

One very positive aspect of window safety bars is that they are a very visible deterrent to anyone considering breaking into your home. If a thief is coming in to your property through the windows, it is most likely to be on the ground floor, so installing around the ground floor only, is still likely to have most criminals moving on to easier pickings. Another benefit from window bars is that they can prevent accidents with small children, potentially climbing up and falling out of the window. Until recently, a major cause of concern with window safety bars is that they could actually have the reverse effect of that intended, and keep a person trapped inside, a scary thought in case of a fire or being unable to get away from an intruder. This has largely disappeared with more recent designs having an internal quick release mechanism, which provides for efficient security from those outside, while not leaving somebody inside feeling potentially trapped. A watchword for the internal release, is that as wanting to remove the bars is quite likely to occur in an emergency, it is important that the release mechanism is simple, does not require a key which might be hard to locate immediately, and not require excessive force to operate. While the bars are good for keeping kids in, it is still important that you teach them how to operate the release in case of an emergency.

Decorative Nature

Older design window bars were generally quite unattractive and many of them made an otherwise good looking building, quite ugly. This too has changed, with many modern designs having great aesthetic looks as well as providing security. In choosing your window safety bars, you are able to find many different options, and while security is the number one factor, it is definitely possible to find some, which actually add to the decoration of the house and will match or blend with the property’s theme.

A visit to your local installation specialist, can show you first hand the benefits and styles which can enhance your property’s looks and help keep everything inside safe too.