A smarter way to clean your home


Your home is probably one of your most prized possessions. It certainly is probably your most expensive. Owning a home affords one with many benefits and advantages. It is not like you are paying rent for something that you will never own. You are actually making monthly payments for something that you will eventually own. Of course, there are many responsibilities that come along with owning a home and one of them is keeping it clean. If you have pets and a kid this will prove to be a full-time job, but with the following tips, you can actually lighten your load.

Place Door Mats At Entrances

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that most of the dirt and dust coming into the home will be from the outside world. This is especially true if you aren’t removing or cleaning your shoes before entering the home. Placing simple welcome mats on the outside of the entrance gives you a clean place to wipe your feet before entering the home. Also, placing one on the inside of the home as well just adds additional reinforcement.

Clean After You Eat

It can be easy to want to relax after dinner. This is especially true if you spent a good amount of time preparing it after working an eight-hour day. However, this will only lead to more build up of dishes and crumbs. Make sure that you are always immediately cleaning dishes and leftover crumbs after a meal.

Hire Someone To Do The Job

There are plenty of reliable cleaning companies out there that can come into the home and clean it for you. Of course, this might be an expense that you are hesitant about sparing, but these services really come with a lot of benefits. First, they make your life easier and when you work with a company like New York’s Little Elves they are willing to work around you and your schedule. When you deal with trustworthy companies like this, you never have to worry about leaving employees unattended inside the home because all employees are vetted to the fullest lengths.

Do A Load Of Laundry Everyday

Laundry is something that can really pile up just like dishes. This will be especially true if you are living with kids and teens that like to change wardrobes at least two times a day. With this kind of workload, you could easily burn an entire weekend doing laundry and that is something that you want to avoid. By committing to doing at least one load of laundry a day, you will really be saving yourself a ton of work in the future.

Keep Your Surfaces Clean

Dust and other bacteria can build up on countertops, appliances, and pretty much any surface in the home. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to run around frantically tackling every surface all at once. As long as you are tackling one or two surfaces a two with all-purpose cleaner, you will save yourself some future work. Tackle the sink and refrigerator on Monday and the stovetop on Tuesday.