Achieve your perfect lawn with our lawn care tips and garden inspirations


A beautiful, lush lawn is the centrepiece of any garden and achieving a healthy lawn is definitely something to be proud of! There is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing in your perfectly manicured garden and watching the whole family enjoy time outside. But to achieve a great garden you need to decide what lawn care plan you want to stick to. With so much information out there, we are here to give you the essential tips and tricks into creating a healthy, lovely lawn.


Keeping your lawn trimmed and in control is absolutely essential in ensuring the health and look of your lawn. We recommend mowing at least once a week in the peak growing season of April-June and September-October. You can even mow your lawn in winter, so long as it’s not sodden or frozen. Make sure you don’t cut it too low, as that can make the grass dry out or lose colour. Try and keep it to no lower than 1 inch.

Choosing a mower is something to carefully consider, and you need to take into consideration the size of your lawn and whether the ground is even or sloped. Whichever mower you choose, make sure to clean the grass clippings off the blades after each use and to keep the mower blades nice and sharp.

If you follow these simple tips, your lawn should be looking healthier and greener in no time!

Moss Control

Moss is something that annoys most proud gardeners, as it can really affect the look of your lawn. Moss will particularly thrive in any parts of your garden which are shady, have excess moisture or poor turf quality. To successfully deal with a moss problem, you first need to identify the main contributing factor. You can either do this yourself by reading up on relevant material, or trust in a lawn treatment service, such as Greensleeves, to help you out.

You can tackle moss with a combination of moss-killer and fertiliser treatments, which simultaneously reduce the aggression of the moss whilst encouraging the grass to grow. Scarification, which is vigorous raking, can allow you to remove loose excess moss and it is better to do this in Autumn.

Decorations and layout

Now that your lawn is moss-free and cut to the perfect length, you can start on landscaping and decorating – the fun part! This will entirely depend on the size of your lawn, but even with the smallest area you can still be creative and make a relaxing, nature-filled haven. It’s a great idea to visit garden centres and public gardens to get inspiration and to find out what style you’d like to emulate. Now take a look at your home and the surrounding areas – what design will complement the home and make your garden part of your entire look? If you like formal gardens, stick to straight lines and organised plants. Or, if you fancy something more casual, go for lots of hidden gems, curving lines and exciting bushes and plant combinations. Once you’ve planned what style and plants you’d like to include, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional. The latter option might be better if you’re tight on time or want a complete renovation.

A garden is there for everyone to enjoy and for the family to spend time together. That’s why garden furniture, such as benches and tables, are an absolute must. Imagine a summer BBQ, everyone sat round a lovely wooden table, enjoying the sight and ambience of the perfect garden you have created.

If you want to get a lush, green lawn without the hassle, Greensleeves have local experts all across the UK to provide treatments and advice. Call today to arrange your personalised lawn assessment.