How to protect your garden furniture

garden furniture

The seasons are starting to change and fall is officially here. What does that mean for us? For those of us who live in an area where the season brings with it falling leaves, cooler temps, and rainy days, then odds are winter will bring ice and snow. Either way doesn’t matter. Patio furniture needs protecting all year round.

No matter what season we are in the Sun beats down on us every day. After awhile our skin feels like it’s been sitting in a frying pan and we have to step inside. The sun is also harsh on other objects outside. The plants, the grass, and your garden furniture.

There are several ways in which to protect your garden furniture year round, which will help it last longer. No matter what material your outside chairs and sofas are made of there is a way to protect it from elemental damage. Once that’s done we can get to maintaining the rest of our lawn and garden with a dependable weed eater. If you don’t have a weed trimmer and would like to learn more you can find reviews here or read this expert guide: Best Weed (Grass) Eater / Wacker / String Trimmer Reviews.

Read The Care Guide

Every item you buy comes with an instructions or care manual. Garden furniture is no different, especially here at Garden Furniture Land. We care about your garden furniture as much as we care about the environment it is sitting in.

Familiarize yourself with the materials your furniture is made of and what kind of factory advice there is on keeping it well protected.

Clean It

This is important for the overall wear and tear on your patio furniture. The set of chairs, table, and other furniture you have in your garden see their fair share of use when the weather is good and it sits under covers when the wind is blowing and the dirt is flying around.

It is important to just take the time once every other week to wash it down and scrub away any dirt or residue. A mild dish soap with a bucket of water should do fine with a few sponges and some elbow grease. Just like your clothes or your other possessions, when you keep your garden furniture clean it will last longer.

Try to avoid using any harsh cleaners on your garden furniture. You may scrape away some paint or damage it.


Yes, there is something called furniture sunscreen. While weather like heavy snow and sleet seem like they would do a great deal of damage to your garden furniture, the grimmest adversary it faces is the sun. Especially on a hot day. The UV rays the sun emits could make your furniture fade and, if you use it regularly, covering it may seem like too much of a problem.

While covering it would keep it out of the sun, while you are using it garden furniture soaks up just as many rays as you do. So protect it like you would your skin. With metal and plastic furniture you can evenly apply furniture sunscreen with a paint brush. For wood furniture, the best sun protector is paint.

Try Fabric Protector

While furniture sunscreen can protect the base of your furniture you might want to try fabric protector for the cushions. These too can be easily cleaned with a mild dish soap but, once they are dry, spray some of fabric protector on them.

The fabric on these cushions is also prone to fading when sitting in the sun too long.

Dry It Well

Metal, plastic, and wood all dry pretty well in the sun but if your cushions are left soaking from a good cleaning or from being sprayed with the hose then there is a possibility that mold might grow inside. Good patio cushions will be tightly sealed but always be sure the cushions are thoroughly dry before covering them up.

Cover It Up

When you aren’t using your furniture keep it covered or in the shade. This would greatly reduce it’s fading and lengthen the life of your garden furniture.

Tie It Down

Make sure to secure all of your patio furniture. If a good gust of wind comes along your chairs could fly around the yard and get dented. Make sure they are weighted down well.

Also, fasten your cushions to the frames with the loops and Velcro provided. This will prevent them from flying away with the breeze.

Put It Away

This may not be an option for some but it is for others. If you are in an area where you can enjoy your garden and patio year round then this wouldn’t be the best option for you. For other garden lovers who are forced to sit inside from late fall to early spring that is a few months when we don’t even sit on that furniture.

You can make room for it in your garage or put a shed somewhere on your property and keep it there during the harsher months. Of course, we don’t know what size yard you have or how much room is available in your garage. If you can do this and it isn’t too difficult just keep it out of the ice and snow.


It may take a little extra hard work to keep your garden furniture protected but in the long run you will better off. Your investment in your garden will last much longer and keep you enjoying your garden for years to come.