Build a better relationship with your neighbors in 4 simple steps


It’s essential to create a peaceful and better relationship with your neighbors for many reasons. One thing for sure it’s that it’ll make your living more pleasant. It’s true that there are people from different backgrounds, races, religions, and regions that live- to be honest- close to you. Think about a divorcee trying to piece up her life just a few steps from your door, the college student playing PlayStation games in his boxers? Like it or hate it- they’re your neighbors. Here are some of the practical steps to ensure that you create a better relationship with your neighbors.

Keep it quiet in your house

Did you know the biggest problem that many of us have to live with is noisy neighbors? But did you know what worse than a noisy neighbor?

Answer- being the noisy neighbor.

If you’re the noisy one, know that your neighbors might be cursing on you. Some might call the cops on you or report you to the landlord. Guess what happens when you don’t allow others a peaceful night sleep? Answer: they all become mad at you.

So it’s important to keep it down as possible. If you have a stereo that cracks open windows or a dog that barks or a baby that is cranky, you might need to find a solution. You can find DIY home soundproofing ideas at and see how you can reduce noise in your home.

Meet them

If you’d like to create a peaceful and loving relationship with your neighbors- it’s best to meet them in person and overcome the tendency to remain anonymous. A simple greeting once you meet them is the first to opening up the lines of a better relationship. Remember that a good relationship with your neighbors starts with meeting them.

Avail yourself in times of need

It’s always good to listen and also look for ways that you can help your neighbors. For example, if you get their mail in your letterbox, take it to them and don’t just throw in the garbage.

If their car is broken down, offer them a ride to work or grocery store. If they’re out of town, you can volunteer to mow their grass or check their mail for its simple acts that build something bigger than you ever anticipated.

Know your boundaries

It’s important to know the areas you have a responsibility towards. These boundaries can be a wall, a fence or a hedge. If you are unsure on what side of the boundary you should maintain, it’s always good to check with the property manager or in your home deed.

Be your brother’s keeper

A good neighbor will always look out for each other. In case your neighbors are away probably on vacation, it’s good to keep an eye on their home. If you spot anything suspicious, immediately call the cops and also immediately inform your neighbors as well.