Building your own home: The advantages of domestic sewage treatment systems

building your own home

As finding a comfortable place to live in the UK becomes more and more difficult, it’s the perfect time to consider building or developing your own home. It’s always an exciting to decision to make, but don’t be hasty with your decision making — there’s nothing worse than a big DIY job gone wrong.

If you’re building your own home, you might be wondering what your options are regarding water supply and where your wastewater is going to go. Fortunately, there’s a range of domestic sewage treatment systems available that are capable of covering any situation. You have a choice of who supplies your water, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose where your wastewater goes, too!

Most people are actually unaware of just how sustainable and effective home sewage treatment systems are. So we’re here to walk you through the pros and cons of the domestic sewage treatment systems available, why you should consider one for your home, and exactly which type is the best fit for you.

Why Choose a Domestic Sewage Treatment System?

Choosing to install a domestic sewage treatment system might seem like an unpleasant thought. Many of us in the UK are all too used to our wastewater simply disappearing without a trace, not realising how home sewage treatment systems are amazingly straightforward to install and maintain. As well as this, market leading brands like the Biocell Bioclean are a sustainable, low-energy solution to all your wastewater needs.

Another common misconception with home sewage treatment systems is that they will smell. Not true! Due to incredibly efficient designs, aerobic bacteria will make light work of your wastewater. This allows home sewage treatment systems to produce odour-free effluent which can be reused (not for human consumption) or simply allowed to drain into a soakaway, stream or river.

In addition to all this, a domestic sewage treatment system can cost you as little as £0.08 a day, or just over £29 a year to run! With the most efficient models needing to be ‘desludged’ less often, you’ll save money year on year, as well as on the installation costs as there’s often no need for a concrete septic tank. As energy bills continue to rise in the UK, it makes sense to take some control back from your suppliers, or even consider going fully off-grid!

Which Home Sewage Treatment System Do I Need?

Now that we understand the benefits of the various domestic sewage treatment systems, it’s important to know which is the best choice for your home. The first consideration to make is where you are going to install the septic tank. For many, the back garden is the first choice. With odourless wastewater treatment, you need not worry about turning your garden into an undesirable place to be. In fact, the most effective wastewater treatment produces effluent that is safe to reuse on the garden, with some saying that, in fact, it improves the growth of plants (after all, chicken poo is often considered an effective plant fertiliser).

If you want to install your home sewage treatment system under your driveway, or somewhere below vehicle access, you’ll need a concrete septic tank to withstand the additional strain.

These really are your main criteria. However, also keep in mind that your domestic sewage treatment system doesn’t need to be full of harsh chemicals. In fact, you can even get quality septic tanks that require no energy to run, making for an amazingly sustainable solution to your wastewater problems. Whatever decision you make, just remember to either speak with a member of the sales team or do adequate research beforehand. At Biocell Water we like to let our customers do the talking, just read the many positive reviews of products and services to find out for yourself!