The essentials of a modern garden

modern garden

In many respects, contemporary gardens are an extension of the family home. It is not uncommon for outdoor furniture styles to mirror what is inside of the residence. With such meticulousness, it is important to get the essentials of a modern garden under wraps.


Light in a contemporary garden is strategic and meant to make a statement. Placing LED lights along the pathway creates a space for safety and creativity. Guests will love the brightness brought about by the illuminating devices, and you as the homeowner will be able to rest assured in everyone being able to walk the pathways without tripping over objects. LEDs are also ideal for placing near seating areas as their illuminating capabilities and longevity are excellent features for these spaces in the garden.  Fountain lights are perfect for creating an atmosphere of modernity. Uplighters and downlighters also contribute to the overall scenery by bringing attention to decorative outdoor sculpture features in the yard.

Furniture and Accessories

Contemporary furniture should complement the house and not stand out as something different from the overall design. Selecting upholstery with clean lines that place emphasis on the material and shape of the structure is the better choice when you’re going for a modern appeal. Wood is an excellent choice for furniture since it adds a sense of warmth to what would ordinarily be considered a cold space due to the hard landscaping. Cushions serve as great accessories to garden furniture and also create the homey appeal. Placing emphasis on furniture without going overboard is important. You don’t want your garden looking like a yard sale.


Plants are not the central focus of contemporary gardens. Such is the reason why selecting shrubbery wisely is essential. Consider adding greenery that bears a touch of colour and holding off on flower beds. Uniformity can work wonders in planting in a modern garden, and grass can always serve as the only form of greenery in a contemporary garden.

Remember that modern landscaping is more about solid fixtures and artwork than plants. It is not uncommon for a yard to have bricks or stone as the surface all while bolstering vibrant furniture with touches of shrubbery here and there. One major positive aspect of a contemporary garden’s makeup is the opportunity that it yields for exotic plants that would ordinarily stand out for all of the wrong reasons in other yard types. You should never be afraid to mix and match various styles to create a sort of eclectic look in your new garden. Such creativity is what brings the notion of contemporary to the forefront.