Carpet Cleaning: 6 Cleaning Tips for a Long Lasting Carpet

Purchasing a good carpet is a big investment in your home. Therefore, it is vital that you clean it regularly. This is because it is prone to dirt, debris and stains.  You can hire the services of experts in this field to assist you in the cleaning exercise. You can be able to maintain your carpet for a long time if you follow some tips that will be highlighted in this article.

1. Get rid of the dirt

Some of the ways of banishing dirt in your carpet include;

Setting the vacuum height correctly

Your carpet may be damaged if you set your vacuum too low. The driver belt and roller brush can also be destroyed too with the low setting. Set the highest height in order for it to operate correctly.

Vacuum regularly

Make it a weekly habit of vacuuming your carpet. It will help in reducing any soil buildup that maybe in the carpet. Besides this, ensure that no shoes from outside gain access to your carpet. It will also minimize any kind of dirt.

Use a filter or cleaning bag

A filter, dirty bag or cup will alter with the vacuum suction power. After three months, ensure that you wash or replace the filters on the bagless vacuum. Whenever these bags are three-quarters full, replace them too.

Vacuum at the correct speed

If you vacuum your carpet at the right speed, you will get excellent results as opposed to doing it at a slow pace.

2. Use a pro correctly

Hot water extraction is the common cleaning methods for carpets as advocated by carpet producers. The process is referred to as “steam” cleaning. However, there is no steam that is used in this procedure. Using a detergent solution, the carpet is pretreated.

Under high pressure, the detergent is put in the carpet and vacuumed out. If this process is done correctly, it cleans deep and leaves no trace of soap.

Take bids over one-on-one conversations

Quality pros offer in-house inspection, references, condition and type of carpeting among over. Avoid any phone conversations.

Avoid “discount” carpet cleaners

Depending on the volume of sales, you can discount pros. Do not institute ongoing client rapport.

Get what you pay for

Quality pros will charge you according to the services you require, size of workload and the type of carpet. The whole process takes 1-3 hours.

3. DIY correctly

If you shoddily clean your carpet, there will be soaked carpet or soap residue. If you rent large machines, you will be required to pull them across the carpet when cleaning it. The best thing to do is to substitute between pro cleanings and DIY. The latter are very effective if when you get to know how to use them. They clean your carpet thoroughly and you can use it for a long time.

Home centers or grocery stores have steam cleaners hence you can rent them. The good news is that there is a range in pricing. It starts from $60-300 per session. Depending on your needs, you will choose the pricing package that addresses them.

4. Clean all the stains correctly

Scooping or digging can help in getting rid of all your carpet stains. Dull knife or spoons are used in eradicating any solids on the stains.

5. Invest in carpet matting

Place carpet mattings at all entrance points. Get slip-resistant mattings with moisture retention and scraping avenues. It enhances maximum effectiveness when cleaning the carpet.

6. Vacuum high-traffic places regularly

The more you vacuum your carpet the more cleanliness it will maintain. Vacuuming gets rid of dust and debris in the matting and carpet. The crucial places that have a high command in heavy foot traffic include common lounges or areas, lobbies and elevator halls.

Additionally, when cleaning your carpet, ensure that you are using the right chemistry and equipment. Safe Hands Cleaning is one of the certified company for machinery effectiveness. They offer the above tips and more carpet-related services at affordable rates.

They have chemistry that addresses different kinds of stains such as salt stains, grease, bodily fluids and coffee. Their team is full of professional experts for the job who are always available when duty calls.

Parting shot

With this information, you will be guaranteed that your carpet will be sparkling all year through. A carpet is the ultimate image of your living areas whenever guests visit. It is therefore important to ensure that it is always clean.