Common swimming problems and how to solve them

swimming pool

Some pool problems are very easy to fix. You hence should not bother to spend your money by calling in the service of technicians or other professionals that you think will help you. all you need is to learn about those problems, so that you can note them when they appear. You will save a lot this way, and at times it’s fun to fix things in your home and more so together with your family.

Here are the common issues that you will come across, and with their solutions you will not have to worry again.

Leaking Chlorinator

The chlorinator is a mechanical pump used to supply chlorine into your swimming pool. Just like many other domestic devices, ware-and-tear affects some of its components hence affecting its functionality. In most cases, the tube supplying chlorine into it may crack and hence cause a leak.

To fix this, you will therefore need to trace the point of the crack, and if it’s closer to the connection on the chlorinator you will be lucky. The fix is just to cut off the cracked part and fit back the tube and that will be all.

In some cases however, the crack may be at a point where you can’t simply cut and reinsert because you might shorten the tube too much. You hence should simply purchase another tube and solve the problem.

Clogged Filter

This is one of the most vital components in your pool. It keeps it operational and clean. When its clogged, you will know it when you start noticing debris buildup in the pool. This mostly happens when the filter is chocked by debris. You might feel bad or frightened that your pool has a problem. On the positive side is that your pool is just doing okay because your filter is doing the job that it’s supposed to.

The problem has one of the easiest fixes in the maintenance of a swimming pool. You simply need to remove the filter and clean it up. You also ought to know that the filter should be cleaned chemically after every season.

A Spoilt Heater

There is nothing bad than when you want to take a dip in your pool on a chilly day, just to realize that you aren’t able to heat it and yet there is power. It only means one thing; your heater is broken.

When this happens, you will in some cases require the assistance of professionals. There are others too when you can troubleshoot it by yourself. If you have a millivolt heater, the pilot should be lit. If not, clean the baskets in the heater to see if it will come back to life. The last step should be to check its pressure.

The filter may be dirty and hence cause high pressure. Backwash it to clear the dirt and increase the flow of water. When the heater receives the required amount of water, it will start working just fine.

The Algae Problem

No one would want algae to grow in his or her pool because they can grow out of control and fixing the problem can be very costly. You can’t avoid calling Pool Resurfacing Brisbane

professionals when that happens. It’s therefore prudent to deal with the issue when it comes up in its first instance.

To fight the algae successfully you first need to know the factors that are causing it to grow. It can be poor or wrong filtration circulation, not maintaining your chemicals properly or just the environment you live in.

The fix to the problem is to first adjust the level of pH in the water to between 7.2 and 7.4. After that, get the right shock product and shock your pool. Filter the water for a full day until it gets back to the normal state, and after that clean your pool by vacuuming it.

Backwash the filter to clean it thoroughly, and after that you can finally buy some quality algaecide that will prevent the growth from recurring.

When the Water Foams

It’s definitely not normal to have foamy water in your swimming pool. It will however happen to you when you use poor quality algaecides. You need to get your products from genuine sellers where you are assured of buying the right and quality products.

The move will however not remove the foam that is already in your pool. For that, you should go to the same genuine pool dealers to buy a good anti-foam agent. Clear the form and keep your pool clean by using the right products.

Most swimming pool problems may be intimidating, but when you understand them and many others, fixing the issues on your own will be the best thing. You save your money and at the same time enjoy doing the activity. You are the main determinant of how clean you want your swimming pool to be.